Friday, October 15, 2010

yogi manifesto of encouragement

I emailed this Sunday just as we were beginning our first full day of yoga teacher training here in Tulum. I know that some people don't get our newsletter so I wanted to post it here also.

manifesto of encouragement for yoga teacher trainees:

right now.

there are yogis across the world standing on their head, balancing on their feet, sitting cross legged in meditation.

someone is awakening to the power of their breath.

someone is wondering how to advance to the next pose, the next person, the next place, the next process.

saints, sages, monks, moms, ceo's, farmers, and yes yogis are asking the big questions: who am i? what do i want? what is my purpose?

someone realized in this moment that they are loved. that they are good. that they are god.

right now.

the earth supports you just as your body does.

the water is smooth just as your breath is.

the sun is transforming all of life just as your mind does.

the wind whispers the truth just as your intuition does.

the heavens are boundless, open and spacious just as your heart is.

all of the beauty, wisdom, and magnificence that exists in nature exists in each of you.

right now.

your family and friends are cheering for you from afar. can you hear them?

your co-workers and peers are inspired by this leap of faith you've taken. can you believe it?

your yoga teachers and friends are dedicating their practice to you. sending you love and light, from their heart to yours. can you feel it?

a future yoga student is researching yoga because they have a problem. you, your gift, your voice, your heart will guide them to a solution. can you know it?

the universe has conspired for you to be here.
right here. right now.
this place, these people, this process.

you. me. we. one.

Will you pause and send your kind thoughts, words and prayers?

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