Tuesday, October 19, 2010

day 8 yoga teacher training - tulum mexico

It's a day of integration folks. No new asanas added to the mix. Time and space to go back and review forward bends, twists, and hip opening posures.

Time to ask questions....
"What's happening again in the pelvis for Warrior II?"
"Why is it more challenging and more taxing to twist in standing postures than supine?"
"What's the pelvis doing in seated twists? Rooting or wiggle room?"

Those are just some of the things we chat about, practice and observe in these wonderful and insightful yoga sessions.

Shelli teaches a session on mantra meditation. We have lunch (yummy delightful lunch in which we overlook the sea) and take time for a siesta.

After lunch we spend time for one on one mentoring session with Shelli or myself. We discuss material up to this point, challenges or concerns students are having, or anything else on the mind or heart.

It's a nice time to check in with students and see how they are feeling about the progression of the training and address and thing else. And I really enjoy this time. I spend about an hour and a half with students.

Shelli finishes the last three hours of training with sutra studies and as asana practice.

All in all, a wonderfully delightful day.
We've all settled into the groove.
And that is feeling good. :)

PS - I continue to get messages from students and teachers about the energy and thoughts being sent this way. This humbles me so. And makes me so very happy.
Smiling from Tulum to you.

PPS - Above photo taken by yogi Martin of our sunrise walking meditation from yesterday. Can you believe that? Crazy that I'm here.....

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