Wednesday, October 06, 2010

soon it begins

This could be my last post before we embark on the intensive yoga teacher training in Mexico. I'll get to spend a short time at Maya Tulum. Just enough time to eat my fave foods, get a treatment or two, hang out on the beach, and gift myself with some yoga.

Saturday I'll be checking in at Zulum (15 minute walk down the beach from Maya Tulum) and getting ready to greet the trainees as they roll in. We'll have dinner together, do an opening, and get ready to roll. We start bright and early Sunday at 6:30 and will conclude our day at 6:30 pm. We'll do this every day that we are there.

We will be eating, drinking, doing, living, breathing and being yoga. For two weeks these students from America, Canada, Peru, and Chile will immerse themselves in all things yoga. It's gonna be beautiful. And confusing. Fulfilling. Frustrating. Deeply satisfying and so much more.

They will study yoga.
And what it means to be a teacher.
They will study themselves.
They will connect with the teachings, each other, the sun, sand, and sea.

Right now I'm feeling a little nervous.
But mostly excited. And hopeful. Very full.
Wondering what I'll forget as far as logistics.
Praying that I'll be reminded daily of why I'm there. Which is to share the yoga that I love so much. That I believe in so much.
A yoga that helps heal our old wounds and scars.
A yoga that helps heal the world.

Hoping that I'll rest in the place of my most authentic self. Imperfections and all. Feeling comfortable and human. And knowing that this is the teacher that I'm meant to be.

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