Wednesday, October 20, 2010

day 10 yoga teacher training - tulum mexico

Shelli departed super early today and Sarah arrived at lunch time. Yay, Sarah is here. I was actually sitting on my sweet porch with the sweet view when I see her go climbing up the stairs to her treehouse room just opposite of mine. Of course I yell to her, wave with excitement. Go give her a big welcoming hug before making my way back to the group. I just love having the familiar faces from home. It really makes a difference.

I'm the only teacher for today so I teach all ten hours of the training. I would whine about it, but I really really love it. I sent the exact same thing to Andy, "taught 10 hours today and loved every minute of it."

Our focus for the day was a lot of strength building postures and a few floor postures. The students (who are actually now teachers) are grasping all the poses and anatomy know how so quickly. They express great thanks to me daily about how valuable Tracy's anatomy lessons were. They feel so lucky to have gotten to learn from her.

We continue to expand on the teaching. They have now progressed to teaching small sequences to the whole group. To witness the change and shifts that can occur in such a short amount of time is crazy.

These guys are truly doing the work. They are immerswed in yoga in every sense of the word. I walk past them and hear conversations of yoga. I see them on the beach in the chair with yoga book in hand. They are making index cards with sanskrit postures, working on their sequence for their 40 minute class.

They are totally rockin' it. I feel so happy (and proud) for them.

We made time to go back and spend more time on the koshas today. It was really rich conversations. I am delighted when it appears that the general group consenus is that, "wow this is really great". There is a system behind all this yoga stuff. There is a process for the mind body spirit connection. It's called the koshas. And I heart them.

Together as a group we explored how the koshas connect to the asana class and spent time writing cues for asana as they pertained to each kosha. So cool!

We also spend about 10-15 minutes doing a special two person exercise. I paired students up and they went either to the beach or by the pool to "be seen and be heard". Each got to bring voice to whatever they wanted or were feeling in that moment. Then they got to listen and receive what their partner saw in them. It was cool. Really cool for me to hear from them about this.

We change gears and work on creating a class syllabus. Looking at certan questions:
1. Who are you teaching?
2. What are their capabilities, restrictions, etc?
3. What do you want them to learn?
4. Create a statment that explains your purpose for the class.

After this we spend a few minutes reviewing material for the upcoming tests on Friday. I sense quite a bit of anxiety from the group. I want to honor where each person is without feeding into the "test frenzy".

I give students an option of either finishing our 45 minutes together with a yin yoga practice with me or studying for the test. Four yogi's stay and practice. Six go and study. I feel happy with closing the day this way.

Tomorrow it's all about the inverted love...
Adios mi amigas!

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