Tuesday, October 19, 2010

day 9 yoga teacher training - tulum mexico

And the days just keep on truckin' by.....if it weren't for touching base back home with Andy and Lisa for studio stuff, I'd totally lose all track of time!

Interesting cause our days are all planned. I'm here. For over two weeks. We have a certain rhythmn that we're on. Starting at 6:30...Practice for 1.5 hours then 30 minutes meditation (for sunrise walking meditation we do this at 6:30 every several days).

About 30 minutes for breakfast (sitting outside of the restaurant and enjoying the most amazing view). Back to the villa for breakdown of postures. Today is backbends. The time we spend varies as far as the type of poses and the total number we are exploring.

Today we go all the way up to 12:30 with these poses. Going over details for each, anatomy, cues, what to look for, looking at different bodies, teaching in a group of two, then brief teaching to the whole group. Questions. Answers. Insights. Sharing. Repeat. It's a really amazing process.

Extra time spent on the asanas means we go back and cover the material we missed later. That material today is the koshas. Oh, I love you koshas. I find you so insightful. So intriguing. We will come back and give you proper attention (and love on my part).

It's 12:30 and I have a massage at 1:00. A massage. At 1:00. At Maya Tulum. With Fabian. Yay!!!

Instead of walking I bike down the road with a yogini who is also getting a massage. And oh the delight I felt in riding a bike up the beach road in Tulum. Pure joy. We can borrow the bikes here at La Luna. I'm hoping to do some more exploring on the bike this week.

The massage is everything I want it to be and need it to be. Love these massages. They are totally restoring me in every way.

I book sessions for three student for tonight. Hop on my bike and go further up the beach road on the search for gelato. There is a sign at Zamas for gelato. Sadly they have none. Back to the bike and back down the beach road.

I have a late lunch at La Luna. Review some notes. Make some notes.

Shelli is teaching session on yogic nutrition and yoga sutras. The students are in pefect hands.

I take over an hour long walk on the beach. The massage has truly left me feeling a deep sense of love, awe, and general inspiration. All of this. It's truly mind blowing.

PS - Photo taken by yogi Martin. He saw this great shot coming and grabbed his camera. This is where we practice. Love-ly. That's the pool behind me. Ahhh.

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