Saturday, October 16, 2010

day 6 yoga teacher training - tulum mexico

Day 6!
Day 6!
I can hardly believe it.

The days are passing by quickly. The days have also meshed all into one. I usually have no idea what day is. What I know is this...

Wake at 5:00 and get ready for the day!
Finish at 6:30....
and repeat the next day. :)

However, Shelli is here!
Shelli is here!
And she taught half of day 6.

Here is the scoop for the day:
Focus is on twisting postures.
We practice, we teach, we disect, we explore, we chat, we assist. Twists.
We twist. Then we twist some more.
We twist from standing.
From balancing.
From seated.
From supine.

As far as number of asana for the day, we have much less than other days. Makes it nice. We continue to go back and practice and teach asanas from the previous days.

Students are soooo gettin' it.

Shelli present on using props and music in class. The in's and out's. The why's and why not's of each. She also leads discussion in yogic nutrition, pranayama, and ethics of yoga.

While she is teaching, I get a massage. A massage! At Maya Tulum, with Gina. A first. It was quiet nice. Actually, very nice. She had such a different touch than everyone else I've had massage with at Maya Tulum.

I had a long dinner with Shelli and her husband Tim. They have the best grilled veggie salad at La Luna. I've had it two nights in a row. And I'm feeling kinda hungry now. Perhaps I'll make it three nights in a row here shortly. :)

Big love.
Big kiss to each of you.

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