Sunday, June 28, 2009

introducing lexingtons latest yoga teachers

"Our similarities bring us to a common ground;
Our differences allow us to be fascinated by each other."
~Tom Robbins

I am so very proud of each of you and stand in awe of your beauty, strength, and wisdom. xoxo, sharon

More words to come.....

Thursday, June 25, 2009


It's the close of what has been a real treat of a day for me. In thinking about why, it was mainly because I got to really immerse myself in yoga today. The past few days I've been busy with random, trivial to-dos. Doing the things that aren't exactly my faves, but very necessary as a small biz owner.

But it was all about the yoga!

I taught class this morning at 9:15. I really enjoy teaching this class. It's usually a great group of gals and we always have a fun time. Plus it was Tracy's birthday (Happy B-Day!). So I treated her by playing her "favorite cd" and we ended up doing lots of her fave poses. Everyone was chitty chatty oh so happy before class and that it made to sense to focus on our light, our goodness. And heart openers seem most appropriate.

And Louise brought the yummiest champagne raspberries that I shared with the class after practice. Hmmmm, wish I'd saved some for tonight!

I met with the teachers and we had a nice long two hour lunch where we talked about what else....lots of yoga. Actually we did chat about upcoming retreats/trips and future ones. We don't all get together often so it's a real treat when we do. They make me laugh. And make me feel proud. And basically feel my heart with gratitude cause I'm lucky enough to be surrounded by such cool cats.

Later I made an attempt to do my practice with my gal Seane. Somewhere between Warriors and Dolphins "we" took a childs pose. Which felt mighty nice. So I stayed. And stayed. And ended up taking a teeny tiny nap there. Decided to wake myself up with a tasty drink from Starbucks. Yum it did the trick.

I had to get on the road and downtown to observe Brian (teacher trainee) teach at the Y. And boy did he do a grrrreat job?! Yes, he did. I sat back and watched, took notes filling in the evaluation. Mostly I wanted to partake myself. He does a great job with the basics of yoga, literally making it accessible for everyone. I was proud of him. He has taken his seat and place as a yoga teacher and it seems to suit him well. Very. Very Nice.

Rushed back to the studio (now I know how you feel driving from downtown to the studio) to teach at 5:45. It was a small and lovely group. The storm was rolling in. The lighting outside and inside was beautiful. We practiced to more chill tunes and took it down a notch. I heart teaching. I always finish teaching and feel so much better. In a way, it's like taking class cause it requires such powerful focus and presence. There is certainly an exchange of energy there.

Which is why I decided to stay and take Sarah's. As did Emily. Cause you know....I didn't exactly get a practice in earlier. Child pose. Nap. Starbucks.

It was still storming when we started class. The universe provided music and a little light show to boot. Sarah is always lovely in life and in teaching. I hadn't taken her class in a long time. I forget how sweet, soothing, nurturing and encouraging she is in her teaching. Again. Makes me very proud.

After class there was totally water cooler talk! I swear. Little yoginis surrounded by the water, drinking from teeny tiny cups. Brand newbies, regular newbies, teachers. Speaking of WII Fit, down dogs, shoulders and such. Little baby frienships were forged as we made our way out into the late evening. Greeted by a great breeze and a beautiful sky.

So tonight I'm feeling again like a pretty pretty lucky gal. Thanks to all of you. :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

wrapping up &starting fresh

I've had a wonderfully productive day. The type of day when you have such powerful, focused energy. And you wonder how much you could do, if you were in this in and day out. I don't think it's gonna happen. Not for me anyway. It comes and goes. Like the rain and sun. Like the seasons. Like so much in life.

Teacher training is coming to a close. This weekend is our last. It's bittersweet. Part of me is happy to have more time with Andy, the dogs, and the house on weekends. Part of my is excited as these new teachers embark on their own teaching journey. Part of me is sad that I'll never have the nine of them back for our "weekend retreats" to share, grow, and learn from one another.

As we come to a close, I'm thinking of what worked well, what needs to be tweaked, what to add, what to do away with. I'm thinking of a teacher training here in Lexington and a teacher training in Tulum. I'm thinking. And thinking.

The closing of teacher training also means that I'm focusing on the upcoming retreat to Tulum. Contemplating how to make it fun and new for the gals that have already been. Wanting it to be perfect for all the newbies coming this year. And of course, I want all to love it as I do. I sent out a newsletter last week for what to wear, what to pack, and what to expect. Made it official that it's almost here!

I've been working with Retta on a whole new website. With lots more color. And pictures. And content. It's so fresh. And pretty and perfect. I think it better represents the studio and what we stand for. In working on new content, I've been thinking more about the programs, classes, and overall values of the studio. Thinking. Yep. And more thinking.

I'm also taking this "systems" class, which has been really great. It's forcing me to get really clear on the values of the studio, how I spend my time, where I spend my time. It's forcing me to get all the stuff in my head, down on paper. It's forcing me to work "on my business (code E-Myth)rather than just "in my business".

It's exciting to look back and see where I've come from in three years....from teaching yoga in a clubhouse, to 700 square feet in Patchen, to over 2000 square feet in our current tree house. On the days that I feel that I'm standing still with happening, I plan to remind myself of this. And look at these pics of two studio remodels. :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

ahhh june...

Summer is the time when one sheds one's tensions with one's clothes, and the right kind of day is jeweled balm for the battered spirit.
A few of those days and you can become drunk with the belief that all's right with the world. ~Ada Louise Huxtable

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the things I learn...

when I simply ask.

Today at my 4:30 class I asked my students (as I do regularly), "Any poses you'd love to practice?" And like many times, they sat and looked at me with kind sweet eyes, and closed mouths.

So I asked them, "why is it that no one really speaks up at this point?" Everyone is so quiet when I ask "that question". And I know you're not a quiet bunch. I overhear your conversations before class. (As a sidenote, the chatter makes me happy.)

Guess what?! I got answers. Larry G. told me that he usually doesn't request because he thinks that the kind yogis behind him might give him the evil eye or silently curese him for requesting "such a pose". OK, so not his exact words, but something like it.

Debbie C. said she doesn't request cause sure enough once she's in the pose and feeling a little lite torture, she'll curse herself for choosing "such a pose".

Seems to me a lot of you are concerned with cursing yourself or cursing the student that requested "such a pose".

Nancy B said she doesn't request cause she assumed that at some point, we'll get to "it" during class. I like that one. It doesn't involve anyone cursing anybody. Including me.

As a teacher I had assumed (yes I know what that makes you and me....clearly it's correct), that it was because students don't want to speak up or speak out. Or perhaps there was the feeling of not wanting to think, and only wanting to be taught.

Seems I was mostly (ok completely) wrong. And leaves me wondering what else I might learn, if only I ask. Hmmmmm......

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

calling all yogis.....

So the talented Retta (that's her on the right with Shannon next to her at NC retreat) is currently working on a brand new website for Barefoot Works. And might I add....that's is oh my gosh so pretty. When I saw the design I wanted to squeal with delight. Yep. That cool. And perfect for me.

So I'm looking for some fresh testimonials to sprinkle about the website. After all my words only count for so much. Yours go much further. And rightfully so.

If you feel that myself, Barefoot Works, or yoga in general has helped you to lead a healthier, happier and more blissed out life in general....please share.

Things to ponder....
*How yoga has made a positive impact in your life? You know, in the big ways....daily life, work, relationships, body image, self esteem, overall health and bliss factor, etc...
*How you connect with the teachings/teachers?
*How you feel about the Barefoot Works community?
*What you enjoy most about Barefoot Works?

And since I know that some of you are perfectionist, please don't worry. It does not need to be perfect. Just truth-full and heartfelt. That's all.

Please submit them below or email to me at barefootworks at hotmail dotcom. If you do so, I'm happy to gift a free class card to you for your time.

Also, we are taking some photos at the studio on Friday at 4:30. The pics will be used on the new website. If you'd like to come and participate (do what you do best, yoga), please let me know!

So there is a chance to see your name and pic in print!

Monday, June 15, 2009

fresh back!

Andy and I got home early this morning (2:30 to be exact) from a week long merry taking memory making vacation with our friends. We packed a lot of punch into our eight day vacation that included five days at Indian Rocks Beach, day at Sea World, day at Savannah, and a day in Charleston.

Unlike my upcoming trip to Mexico, we were on the move quite a bit. It was fun to be active and explore new places like Savannah with the gang and show fave Charleston to both Andy and Tony. Liz and I actually spent a summer in SC for our graduate internship a few (ok so more than a few) years back. We had spent many a weekends in Charlestown. Our "others" loved it as much as we did.

Highlights of the trip included:
*Exploring Calidesi Island (rated #1 beach by Dr. Beach)
*Shopping John's Pass
*Watching The Hangover (yes it was a highlight)
*Shamu at Sea World and petting a sea ray (after being a little frightened when looking down and seeing them surrounding us while swimming outside the condo earlier in the week).
*Carriage ride in Savannah (seeing and walking on the street ranked Most Beautiful Street in America by Better Homes and Gardens)
*Touring the home of Girls Scouts founder, Juliette Low
*Carriage ride in Charleston (seeing the most haunted alley in Charleston. Charleston is ranked second only to Savannah for America's most haunted city)
*That being said....Ghost Town in Savannah
*Charleston museums
*Shopping The Market

After getting stuck in traffic outside of Knoxville for more than two hours, we made it home just after 2:30. We had some surprise visitors. Fleas. Yep. I know. Very. Nice. And not the guests you want to welcome. Ever. Especially when you've been gone for over a week.

So Andy finds himself taking care of the pests this morning (I know, good guy) while I get some work in. New website update (it's oh so pretty!), coordinating to teach a class and rent space for a sweet student/yogini, finalize fall dates for Hazard Teacher Training, check in with the teachers, respond to inquiries from new students, corresponding for yoga at work job, read the assignment and check in for online systems class I'm taking, and now getting ready to go to Whitesburg for the night. Be back in time to teach my class tomorrow.

So here we are.
Vacation #1 is over. So thank-full to have a great husband and two amazing friends to share that with. It was an unforgettable trip. So much good and funny stuff happened during our trip. Makes me laugh out loud just thinking about it!

Glad to be back home and looking forward to getting into the swing of things as it's a big time. Our 09 teacher training ends next weekend! Crazy. And the Mexico retreat is less than a month away. (Still two spots left!!) So there is much prep work to be done there.

Alright, I'm off to Coffee Times to list the most important things I must do this week then making my way home for the day.

Looking forward to seeing ya'll in class! I've missed you so. :)

PS - Haven't downloaded pics just yet, but will soon enough. I'll be sure to share the good and funny ones!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

hi, it's me....

Just a little note to say "hi" and that I miss you all! I just got an email from a friend who said, "It's been quite over on your blog....just wanna make sure you are well."

So sweet. And funny to know that friends get a little worried when it's quite in blogland. She is not the first.

I just enjoyed my fifth day of sun and fun here in Florida. I'm here with Andy, my BF Liz and her boyfriend, Tony. We all made a pact to spend minimum time on the cell phone and Internet. We've all done amazingly well. I have to admit that it's been nice to unplug. I spent a lot of time with my trusty laptop, but the time apart has done both of us well. Plus I'm super excited to get back to work!

Tomorrow we're off to Orlando to Sea World, then up the coast to Savannah, then to Charleston. Yea, I know....pretty cool! Planning to get home Sunday night or Monday.

As I sit here typing the I have the Travel Channel on. I looked up and the little blonde beach gal (Bridget's Sexiest Beaches) is highlighting Tulum, the beautiful beach, and temalzcal. Hard to believe that in exactly ONE month I'll be there with the lovelies.

Yay for summer.
Yay for beach.
Yay for good friends.
And good times.

Hope the week has treated each of you well. Looking forward to getting back into the swing of things and teachin' some yoga!

Thursday, June 04, 2009


I love the word.
I love the idea.
I love the practice.
And that's what it is for me.
A practice.
It's a big, juicy part of yoga.

It's been something that has eluded me most of my short life. Sometimes I find myself running so far ahead. Thinking so far ahead. Thinking of the next thing on the horizon. It takes a conscious effort on my part to step back. To say, you know what, "I'm ok with things as they are. I've done a pretty good job here.

I can relax. I can take a deep breath and know that for today "this" is enough. Maybe I don't need to strive and grasp for today. Maybe I can appreciate where I've been, look forward to the journey ahead, and know that the universe will guide me in the right direction. If and when I remain open to receive. I don't have to have all the answers. And it's OK. There is something so very reassuring about the idea of that.

Contentment. Yes it's been on my mind. Wondering what it means for you and how it applies to your life today? Do share....

We're having a great workshop at the studio tomorrow night....World Peace Yoga & Diet. Come spend three hours with other splendid souls. Details here.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

i love yoga teacher training....

I haven't had a chance to write about our most amazing yoga teacher training weekend ever! Ahh, it was so wonderful to lead. So wonderful to be a part of. So wonderful to witness.

There was lots of laughter, more than a few tears, many aha moments. There was prenatal yoga, ecology of yoga, chanting of yoga. There was yin yoga, pranayama, and meditation. Sitting in the sun, hanging with the tree. And singing....Beth graced us with her beautiful voice. Wow. Shelli led us in chanting. There was even some dancing at the closing of Saturday. Courtesy Michael Franti of course.
Friday night I drove home in a trance like state. There were actually a couple of times when I thoughts to myself, "pay attention Sharon....passing cars." No radio. No cell phone. I didn't want to disrupt the tender state I was in. In leading the teacher trainees through a few exercises to move closer to their authentic self, I discovered such valuable information about myself. It was a big moment for me when it all clicked and made sense. This is only one of many reasons that leading teacher training is right up there with my favorite things to do/be a part of.

I went home and showered, and went immediately to my journal where I continued to pour my heart out for about twenty minutes. Really, my mind was going so quickly with thoughts that I had to record. I had to get it down to go back and remember when I was unsure. When I needed to be reminded of why I must do what I do. My hand was moving so quickly to keep up the pace of my mind. Ultimately I fell into a deep slumber and slept sound till the next morning when I got up and we started it over again.

Starting it all over again....we're actually winding down with the training. We'll be finished at the end of this month. Seems pretty crazy. I'm already getting emails from people wanting to do the training next year. I have a hard time thinking of that now. I am so in love with this whole group. Love. Each. One. Of. Them. I am oh so proud of each and every one. I continue to be amazed by all nine of these individuals. They are strong and open. They are inspiring and bold. They are smart and driven. They are remarkable. And pretty damn funny.

Love fest 09 continues....

Monday, June 01, 2009

hello yogis

Hi All! Just a quick post to remind all that the Monday night yin yoga class is on hiatus through the summer. There is a chance we'll add it back to the schedule come fall. Beginning this Wednesday Sarah will be at the studio to guide all you yogis through class.

I'll be starting a class this Wednesday in an effort to continue to get all my stuff together. Looking forward to getting going on this systems class. Our call will take place during yin yoga class. Plus I've been teaching four to five classes on Wednesdays and while I loved it, I found myself getting home at 8:00feeling a bit whipped. So this works out perfectly!

Off to Richmond to babysit the three nieces while darlin' nephew goes to Cincy for some "not so much fun" appointments. Happy thoughts and juicy energy for the little one. And my sis.

Wishing all of you a wonderful Monday!

PS - No we don't normally dress our dogs in our t-shirts. That was when we had the awful ice storm and were without power for way too long. Poor doggies got so cold. I came home and found Andy had dressed them in UK shirts (of course). And we had to drive them around at times to keep em' warm. Yes, a rough life they live. :)