Monday, November 17, 2014

2015 yoga teacher training

I'm all tingly with excitement (and some nervousness!) because registration is officially open for our 2015 yoga teacher training. 

I'm just thrilled to bring the training back to Lexington. After years of training awesome folks to become yoga teachers in Mexico, North Carolina, and California, we are right back where we started. It feels like a big, beautiful circle. Like one big delicious breath.

To get all the details click here.

As I've been revamping some training details I connected back to some students who completed this training with me by asking them about what has changed most since they went through the training. I was humbled by what they said. 

One student (who is actually leading his very own yoga teacher training) responded back, "Wow, what hasn't changed for me since training?!" 

Because I'm so giddy excited (and because I'm such a yoga nerd), I'm offering a sweet gift to those who register before December 2, which is all the yoga books required for training and my favorites.....notebook, pens, post its, index cards, and more. I'm not only a huge yoga nerd but the office store is a place I like to visit for fun. I know your itching to hang out with me on a Saturday night.

If you've been thinking 2015 might be the year your become a yoga teacher then I Invite you to grab a cuppa tea or coffee, settle in, and savor these words.