Friday, November 28, 2008

happy day

I have to say that Thanksgiving continues to be my favorite holiday of all. While Andy drove us home to Vicco yesterday morning I was a happy gal to sit next to him reading my new book Juicy Pens Thirsty Paper by Sark. And as I expected, I love this book as I love all of her books. There is even a section with Brian Andreas, creator of Storypeople, which I also love. Here's the pic of it....

We got to my house around 11:30 and the cooking was in full swing. I did my part by making the mashed potatoes, macaroni casserole, and peanut butter fudge (oh my gosh my mom makes the BEST pb fudge). My mom was happy as a hen having all five of her kids bustling about. You get the whole group together and it is luscious chaos....but still chaos. A conversation here, laughing there, wrestling and running everywhere. It's all very casual which I love. There really aren't any rules and let's just say that many completely inappropriate conversations take place around the table. Again, I wouldn't have it any other way. Years ago yes, but today, absolutely not.

We ate too much, then stepped out the door to take "our" hike that we always took as kids. I forget how wonderful it is having nature right out your back door. Hills to walk, many trees to climb. And so many leaves around. I loved the rustle beneath my feet. We studied the sumac tree, tasted the persimmon, jumped mud puddles, slid down the mountain (not on purpose), and investigated the old family cemetery high in the mountains. My brother put it perfectly when he said it was a "magical" hike. It was quite perfect.

The evening was topped off with hot cranberry cider (with a hint of gin), old jazz records, and recaps of the day. Good food, good family, good times.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

happy thanksgiving!

"When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears." ~ Tony Robbins

Greetings Yogis! I am so very grateful for all of you. Each of you nourish me in ways that make my heart very full and happy. Thank you for allowing me to share yoga and my vision with you. Thank you in supporting me in doing work that is truly meaningful. Thank you for being a part of the barefoot works yoga tribe. I treasure your smiling faces, kind words, and dedication. So very glad to be a part of your world.

May you and yours have the happiest Thanksgiving of all.

new floor

the process

Begin at the beginning and go till you come to the end then stop. ~Lewis Carroll

The old flooring is all gone at the new studio, the walls are nearly covered with new paint (thanks Sarah and Andy), and the new floor is being delivered today. Together with a friend I think we've devised a plan to seperate the space into two areas...
1. Sign in area, waiting area, tea and yumminess station, and restrooms
2. Beautiful yoga practice space

I've been spending way too much time on Ikea's website and ripping pages from their catlogue. I've gone through many old Yoga Journals, ripping and clipping images to create a new vision board for the new studio that is now places front and center in my bedroom so I can see it all the time.

I'm hoping to get my hopes and vision for the new studio on paper some today. I haven't had much time to write/journal but somewhere today I'm hoping to find the time as it's a really important step for me in this whole big, fun, exciting and scary process.

I hope to see you today for a class. The yin yoga class tonight will be a pretty perfect way to kick off the Thanksgiving celebration. And you know me, I'll probably have some delightful sweet treat to send you away with. Have a joyous day dear ones. :-)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

working miracles

"As you look around at the faces in your life this year take a moment to see that these are the people you will change the world with. You have already done it and you are about to work miracles." ~Rolf Gates

I'm feeling really refreshed after a weekend of painting at the new studio, spending a long leisure day with friends on Sunday, and spending good quality time with my brother Joel last night and today. I'm feeling optimistic about the future and the upcoming changes. Just thinking about it right now literally leaves me feeling like butterflies are fluttering around in my belly. The quote was just sent to me in a newsletter by Rolf Gates, a vinyasa yoga teacher that I really appreciate from afar. I read those two sentences over and over. Thinking about all the people that I have in my life and how each of them truly are contributing to make the world a better place.

I think that in many ways in easy for us to downplay the role that we serve in the world. What little ol' me making a difference in this great big world? But we are. Each and every one of us. In our very unique and very real ways we are. As Rolf Gates says, "Old ways of being are fading away while new ways of being are coming alive with brilliance and fire." Don't you just love the idea of that? Coming alive with brilliance and fire? That's huge!

I'm challenging myself to feel more alive, to live more deliberately.
To work hard and play hard.
I want to teach as if my yoga pants are on fire (title of a book Andy and I browsed this weekend titled "Teaching Like Your Hair Is on Fire inspired that :-).
I want to nurture my relationships with family, friends, yoga teachers and students.
I want to live with passion and purpose.
I want to live in a more authentic and honest way.
I want to make a difference.
I want to work miracles.

What about you?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

rule our world

These beautiful kids will one day rule our world.

Our very own Sarah has a blog now! Hop on over and say hello! Welcome to blog-land Sarah. Careful, it is quite addictive.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

merry mala making

If you coudln't make it to the workshop and wanted to make a strand of mala beads, now you can courtesy of Fran! Enjoy

Set of wood beads or semi-precious beads, 27, 54 or 108
1 distinct bead (usually larger than the other beads) to use as ‘guru’ bead
Bead stringing cord, nylon or silk (we used C-Lon in class)
1 skein of embroidery floss in matching color to stringing cord
Clear nail polish or clear glue

Step 1: String all wood or semi-precious beads on stringing cord
Step 2: String ‘guru’ bead onto both strands of stringing cord, so that the two strands come out of the ‘guru’ bead
Step 3: Take paper off skein of embroidery floss and cut off approx. 2 feet of floss, then set aside
Step 4: Wind floss around hand at index and pinky fingers, creating a large loop
Step 5: Cut floss anywhere on the loop so you end up with multiple strands of floss, lay them flat
Step 6: Place strands of floss between the two cord ends coming out of the ‘guru’ bead
Step 7: Tie an overhand knot with the cord ends over the floss, dab knot with nail polish or glue
Step 8: Smooth out all strands, floss and cord ends together
Step 9: Take 2 feet of floss (previously set aside) and fold it so one leg is 6 inches long and one leg is 1 ½ feet long, and there is a loop at the top
Step 10: Place loop near the ‘guru’ bead, pinch top of fibers with thumb and index finger, and wrap longer leg around all the fibers approx. 8-10 times
Step 11: Place end of long leg through the loop and pull short leg so that the loop disappears into the winding
Step 12: Trim leg near the winding
Step 13: Paint the winding with nail polish or glue and let dry
Step 14: Trim cord ends along with floss ends to desired tassel length

Also if you're looking to do some karma yoga you can join Fran and other women to make beaded 'winged women' which sell for $10 ea. The money is for women and children in Lexington. It's called Women with Wings and you can read more about it here

Monday, November 17, 2008


My goodness, the things that can be done with a hammer, box cutter, and friends. Thanks god for good friends like these. Thanks Liz, Tony and Andy! I can always count on Liz and Andy to take care of yanking the old floor out. Poor souls did the same in the current studio! The pinkish carpet (much as I am a pink gal) had to do and today we did just that. I'm feeling pretty darn excited about the clean slate and the new studio for Barefoot Works is well under way. The landlord (half jokingly) said that if we continue at this rate the new floor will be down tomorrow. Tomorrow's task is getting the floor ordered and paint picked out.
Sunday's mala bead class was such fun! Fran is a talented teacher and beading extraordinaire. And it's always fun hanging out with the gals. Here they are working diligently and our finished pieces. They even have tassels. Mine have already been invoked with special superhero powers. Watch out world!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

investing in my sanity

That was the thought behind the purchase of my plane ticket to Mexico. This weeklong trip to Mexico in January will be worth....well let's just say a lot. I was at Maya Tulum in July for our annual yoga retreat and I'm set to be back next July. While I am in paradise at those times, I'm also "working" in paradise. Of course I could never complain and I wouldn't dare. But those times to a large degree are spent teaching and preparing to teach. I like to make this retreat extra special, so I put a lot of time and effort in both before and during the retreat (so if you're reading this and thinking of going next year, you totally should). It. Is. Amazing. So while it is a yoga retreat, it's not a complete retreat for me.

When people ask me why I'm going (back) to Mexico (as if I even need a reason....come on it's Mexico) I tell them that I'm making an investment in my sanity. I had looked at my planner and saw that I had something penciled in most every weekend from mid Jan. till mid April. Between yoga teacher training and another project that I'm keeping my fingers crossed about, I will be a busy yoga worker bee. Now that I've signed a lease for a new space,d my list of to do's continue to grow longer and longer. I told someone yesterday that it was a good thing that I had bought my ticket before signing the lease, otherwise I may not have done it. I was set on going to Mexico even if it meant going alone (although I do enjoy traveling and being by myself). I'm so excited to get to spend the week with both my brother and sister. I can't wait to share this place called Tulum that I grow to love more and more with each visit.

I promise my point is not to complain about the busyness (cause that would just be annoying) but to stress the importance of making the choices we need to make to take care of ourselves. As Oprah herself would say "putting ourselves on the list." That plane ticket to Mexico will pay itself off over and over. I know that. My peace of mind is pretty big and important to me. It's probably the most valuable asset as far as my work as a yoga teacher and taking care of Barefoot Works.

And can I just say that your enthusiasm and general rooting and rallying about the new space for Barefoot Works is kinda blowing my mind. Really. All of you are just phenomenal. All your words of kindness and encouragement truly mean more than you can ever know. I'm looking forward to this next step in the journey of Barefoot Works. And all of you are making this possible.

Thank you.
From the bottom of my big ol' heart.
Here's to the dreams, hopes, and wishes we all hold in our hearts.
May we all be lucky, blessed, and brave enough to see them through.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

a new home for barefoot works!!

Yes that's right, we'll be moving across the street to this very beautiful space! How perfect for yoga could this be?! It's like it was built just for yoga and Barefoot Works! Of course there is carpet to be torn out and mirrors to be covered, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Details to come soon as I must get ready for class.....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


"Let us rise up and be thankful.
For if we didn't learn a lot today,
At least we learned a little,
And if we didn't learn a little,
At least we didn't get sick,
And if we got sick,
At least we didn't die;
So let us all be thankful."

Today I'm thankful for:
~A great teacher, good lunch, and even better conversation. Thanks Teresa.
~Being able to work from home all snuggled up in a robe. Thanks to Andy's mom for buying the robe for him, which is now mine of course.
~Connecting with old friends and feeling like time has not passed at all. Thanks Jennifer.
~A delicious soy peppermint mocha. Thanks Starbucks barista.
~A husband that does his share, plus my share at home. Thanks Andy. And yes he's been known to run the vacuum on the porch.
~A fabulous massage. Thanks Dawn.
~Dogs that greet meet at the door like they haven't seen me in months and one rather large dog sitting in my lap. Thanks Bella and Remy.
~The excited yogis continuing to sign up for yoga teacher training. Thanks Beth, Leah, and Jean.
~The changes on the horizon. Thank Goddess.
~Skirt magazine (where I located this "knock me on my butt" quote). Thank you Skirt gals.
~The best yoga students that listen to me excitedly explain hero pose in way too much detail. And make (I mean allow) them sit there for several minutes while I go on. And on. And on some more. Thanks Joel, Sarah, Shannon, Beth, Retta, and Gip.

yoga workshop with Nicki & Eddie

I gave myself the gift of yoga this past Saturday in Indianapolis. Nicki and Eddie traveled from Hawaii to share yoga for the weekend and both turned out to be laid back, educated, dedicated, and inspiring yoga teachers. Their way of teaching is quiet interesting too cause they come in with both Iyengar and Ashtanga backgrounds. Together they have come up with their own style of teaching which is Maya Yoga.

Before beginning our first session they expressed that they honor and respect any and all yoga teachers that we've had. But they were asking us for the day to empty our minds and to be open to their teachings. I personally found this quiet refreshing. I think that many times both teachers and students come to class or to workshops with a mind that may be a little less than open. I don't even think this is deliberate. We've just had certain teachers and been taught a certain way. I love the idea of "the beginners mind". Leaving plenty of space in both the head and heart to receive new info and guidance.

We broke downward facing dog down, and then more, and then even more. Did the same for the sun saluations, most specifically plank to up dog. You can't even imagine how tired my arms and shoulders were! We did a lot of lunges and different variations of lunges, broke down hand to big toe pose, and bridge. This is pretty much what the first sessions consisted of. A little flow, few postures, but loads of insight.

We spent the afternoon session focusing on hero pose (and a bunch of variations), "screaming pigeon", bound angle, upavishta konasana, and pigeon. Yep another three hours in which we broke these psotures (and hips) down.

Eddie told us halfway through the second class, probably three minutes into a pose that they "could really work us out." He went on to say that they could leave us in a pool of sweat on our mats, but that wasn't their hopes for the weekend. They were there to give us tools to take back to our practice and life. Tools that will help keep us healthy and vibrant in body, mind, and spirit. And that's exactly what I took away. I'm sure that I'll be looking to study with them again. Looking forward to sharing with each of you.

Have a happy Tuesday!

Friday, November 07, 2008

the laughing one

I am the laughing one
I am the dancing one
I whisper secrets
As I flow.

Wow it's been a magical week! Beautiful weather, beautiful election day, and loads of fun teaching my classes this week. To top it all off, my brother and I bought tickets to Mexico for January. We'll travel to the Yucantan, spend three nights at Isla Mujeres and four night in Tulum (of course)! I am completely thrilled about our upcoming trip!

Andy and I wake early in the morning and drive to Indianapolis for the day. I'll be taking two workshops at City Yoga with Nicki and Eddie from Hawaii. The morning workshop is "Wake up and Flow" and the afternoon is "Hip Openers", one of my fave to focus on. So I'm delighted to get away for the day and be a student and spend a nice evening out with Andy.

Yes, many reasons to be the laughing and dancing one this week!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

yoga music for november

Michael Franti explains it perfectly....I'm pretty much feeling this way today, lovin' all of it.

You'll hear this song this month as it's on our November playlist. Click here to view the entire cd!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

today's the day

Oooh I'm so excited today....butterflies in the belly and hope in the heart! Vote today and wear your "I Voted' sticker in for a FREE yoga class. Choose from Level 2 at 5:45 and Level 1 at 7:15.

Happy Voting!!

Monday, November 03, 2008

play day

I got up early this morning to do the "musts" of the day as far as Barefoot Works. After spending much time at Barefoot Works this weekend, I am officially taking a play day. In about 15 minutes you'll find me at Main & Maple enjoying coffee and writing in my journal. Then I'll enjoy an outdoors lunch with a dear friend and her little one, then off to browse books at Joseph Beth. Andy and I might even top it all off with an movie this evening. Some of my most favorite things all wrapped up into one sunny and beautiful day here in KY. Yeah for working and playing!

Happy Monday to each of you. May you find some time to play today also!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

flyin' by

Hi All! It's November! And it's almost 70 degrees here! What a beautiful day here in KY? Andy has been outside doing some touch up painting and I've been watching him via sitting on a tree stump and/or lying down in the grass, basking in the sun. Myself and the dogs have been enjoying the day.

The past few days have been quite busy. Yesterday I was up at 6:00 to get ready for a health fair. The lovely Sarah came along and was kind enough to talk about all the wonderful benefits of yoga to the nice peeps that came to our booth. I had the good fortune of teaching three yoga classes to mostly yoga newbies. I do love this. One sweet gal just couldn't get over how her back had been hurting before the class and "magically" it felt better after our yoga bit. Ahhh, that yoga is good stuff. I also taught a private yoga session AND was treated to two pumpkin cookies from Magees. Yum....and yes I did share with Andy. He does sweet things like paint our house. ;-)

Today was more teaching at the studio and leading a semi-private with a lovely mom and daughter duo. What fun?! It has been a delight getting to know these two and being just a tiny part of helping them to use yoga as a way to have fun and connect. Ahhh, yoga...more good stuff.

Tomorrow I'll get to take Teresa's class AND take the yoga workshop with my friend Anna. I'm so looking forward to this. And it should be another delightfully beautiful day! I can feel the days slipping on by so I'm trying my best to enjoy them by day. Wishing you much of the same!