Tuesday, November 11, 2008


"Let us rise up and be thankful.
For if we didn't learn a lot today,
At least we learned a little,
And if we didn't learn a little,
At least we didn't get sick,
And if we got sick,
At least we didn't die;
So let us all be thankful."

Today I'm thankful for:
~A great teacher, good lunch, and even better conversation. Thanks Teresa.
~Being able to work from home all snuggled up in a robe. Thanks to Andy's mom for buying the robe for him, which is now mine of course.
~Connecting with old friends and feeling like time has not passed at all. Thanks Jennifer.
~A delicious soy peppermint mocha. Thanks Starbucks barista.
~A husband that does his share, plus my share at home. Thanks Andy. And yes he's been known to run the vacuum on the porch.
~A fabulous massage. Thanks Dawn.
~Dogs that greet meet at the door like they haven't seen me in months and one rather large dog sitting in my lap. Thanks Bella and Remy.
~The excited yogis continuing to sign up for yoga teacher training. Thanks Beth, Leah, and Jean.
~The changes on the horizon. Thank Goddess.
~Skirt magazine (where I located this "knock me on my butt" quote). Thank you Skirt gals.
~The best yoga students that listen to me excitedly explain hero pose in way too much detail. And make (I mean allow) them sit there for several minutes while I go on. And on. And on some more. Thanks Joel, Sarah, Shannon, Beth, Retta, and Gip.


Anonymous said...

We are all thankful for you (and everyone at BW) too!
BTW - I don't think my housekeeping would measure up to yours - I've never vac'd the porch!
See you later!

Anonymous said...

Irene, I don't recall ever vaccuming the porch. I think that picture was taken after I had vacuumed out my truck and was bringing the vacuum back inside. I don't know where Sharon gets these things sometimes. I do like to vacuum though.