Thursday, March 31, 2011

revitalize body,mind, heart - day 4

I'm out of town till Thursday and wanted to leave you with some good, fun, and creative ways of connecting with body, breath, mind, and heart this week. Do one, do them all, but do do something for You!

Body - Notice how you use your body throughout the day at work, while driving, standing, sitting, care for your loved ones, and so on.

Breath - Practice alternate nostril breath at each stop light while driving today.

Mind - Make a list of the values your family operated on growing up. Make a second list of the values that feel true and authentic for who are are today. Eliminate the values that are no longer true for you.

Heart - Sit quietly and think of the goodness in your life. Make a list of 10 things you are grateful for.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

revitalize body,mind, mind - day 3

I'm out of town till Thursday and wanted to leave you with some good, fun, and creative ways of connecting with body, breath, mind, and heart this week. Do one, do them all, but do do something for You!

Body -Keep a food journal today. Write down everything that you eat including how you feel physically after eating.

Breath - What are the ways you can flow throughout your day? How can you make transitions today with ease and joy? Think from your bed, from home to work, to any errands, to picking up the kids, to coming home, to your bed are just a few examples. You can take five breaths in between each transition, bring awareness to the transitions, observe any shifts of energy between transitions, be joyful in transitions are just a few examples. Get creative!

Mind - In the morning spend five minutes contemplating how you would like to experience your day unfolding.

Heart - Silently say "namaste" to people throughout the day.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

revitalize body,mind, heart - day 2

I'm out of town till Thursday and wanted to leave you with some good, fun, and creative ways of connecting with body, breath, mind, and heart this week. Do one, do them all, but do do something for You!

Body - Spend time celebrating your body. Rub yourself down (or even better have someone else do it), dance, soak in the tub, skip down a street, do yoga (today at 5:45 and 7:15)!

Breath - Take a walking meditation while engaging ujayyi breathing (a light audible breath), breathing only in and out of your nose.

Mind - Create a timeline of all the important life events you've experienced, listing both the struggles and accomplishments. Celebrate your journey.

Heart - Make a list of the following:
*Places I want to go.
*Things I want to experience.
*Things I want to learn.
Don't limit yourself, dream big!

Monday, March 28, 2011

revitalize body, mind, heart - day 1

I'm out of town till Thursday and wanted to leave you with some good, fun, and creative ways of connecting with body, breath, mind, and heart this week. Do one, do them all, but do do something for You!

Body - Write a love letter to your body outlining the qualities you appreciate, admire, and love.

Breath - Upon waking or going to be lie in bed and just pay attention to your breath for several minutes.

Mind - Take a digital sabbatical. Can you eliminate tv, radio, cell phone, computer for a few hours?

Heart - Meditate for five minutes on the soul questions...who am I? What do I want? What's my purpose?

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Trust the dreams for hidden in them is the gate to eternity.
Kahlil Gibran

the thing i'm needing most right now

I slept in late this morning. I woke up a couple of times but then I did that awesome thing where you simply roll over and nestle deeper into the warm, cozy covers. Finally I was awake and I simply laid there in bed feeling my breath. Observing how easy it was to breathe. Observing the peace of my breath when my mind hasn't been jostled around by the events of the day.

I lay in my bed and pull the curtains aside and see snow on the ground. March 27 and we have snow. But I am jettiin' off on a quick trip to the beach with BFF later this evening. I'd be lying if I didn't say the snow makes the beach trip feel even more delicious. Laying in the coziness of my bed I thought about my soon to come beach trip.

Of course I thought about what we plan to do which is mostly nothing but take uber long walks on the beach, lay out by the pool, read on the beach, eat and drink deliciousness, and have fun together.

A recent reading by Jennifer Louden led me to this question, what is the one thing I need more of these days? Beautiful, important question. After several weeks of being so in my head I am needing to be in my body. And I am needing movement. After a loooonnnnggg cold Kentucky Winter I am needing to be reunited with my love, the beach.

I need to be where I can roam in a tank top and fip flops. I need to feel sand on my feet. I need to smell the ocean air. And feel the warm breeze on my skin. I need to move my body along the edge of the sea, look out into the vastness of the water and feel appreciation, love, and reverence for nature. And appreciation, love, reverence for my life. I need to connect to the sun, my soul, and BFF too.

E.E Cummings words always come to mind. The words that I adore so very much that I committed to memory last year....

I thank you God for most this amazing day.
For the leaping greenly spirits of trees
and a true blue dream of sky.
For everything which in natural,
which is infinite,
which is yes.....

These words to me equal reverance and appreciation. That's what I'm needing most these days. If you too have been feeling a little off I encourage you to ponder the same question...

What is it the one thing I need more of in my life right now? When an answer arises think of how you can spend some time beginning today gifting yourSelf with that which your body, mind, and/or heart desires.

**Photo (of a phots) of me and BFF over the years...same beach we'll visit this week, college graduation, and Dominican Republic.**

PS - I wont be taking my laptop to the beach (also need to "unplug") but my hope is to write and schedule blog posts today. My hope, that is. ;)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

a voice through the door

Poem that I read in today's class. Love it....

Sometimes you hear a voice through
the door calling you, as fish out of

water hear the waves, or a hunting
falcon hears the drum's come back.

This turning toward what you deeply
love saves you. Children fill their

shirts with rocks and carry them
around. We're not children anymore.

Read the book of your life which has
been given you. A voice comes to

your soul saying, Lift your foot;
cross over; move into emptiness

of question and answer and question.


Friday, March 25, 2011

when the goin gets tough...

When the goin gets tough....
the tough go to Asheville.

It's been a stress-filled month for me. My poor unsuspecting brother called me about two weeks ago. He was on his way to Hazard for a meeting. I had just finished teaching a class. Three minutes into the conversation I burst into tears. He asks, "Do you want me to drive to Lexington after my meeting and we can just hang out?" Sadly I had stuff to do and that just wouldn't work out. But we did end up going to Asheville for a quick getaway.

A number of things to note on this end:
1. It was so good for me to have that outburst. I had been holding way too much in over the last few months. Trying to keep it all together and deal with the stress via yoga, meditation, reading, praying (and cursing too). Those few minutes of letting it all go was probably more helpful for me than anything else. Crying is cleansing. It's cathartic and needed.

2. Everyone should be so lucky to have a brother like mine. A few days after my outburst I get a text from Joel (my awesome brother). He wanted to take me to Asheville just so we could get away and hang out. We did just that over this past weekend. We ate the most delicious tofu nachos, drank the most delicious French 75, walked the town over and over, chatted about babies, beer, and all things in between. We did something we hadn't done since visiting Austin, TX together...have a few drinks then decide to go out and buy "fancy pants", or a new outfit for the evening.

We scooted down to Urban Outfitters. Selection was actually a bit sad. He bought skinny jeans and a scarf (later gifted to the wife). And me a scarf with a tee in which we cut the sleeves off. We even "wore our sunglasses at night". Yep, that's right. Had one of the best days that I've had in a long time.

Now I'm feeling tons better. And reminding myself that yoga is good for the soul. As is the love of a brother. As is fancy pants, Asheville, and French 75's.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

good reads

Hola Amigas! It's been busy around Barefoot Works world. I am missing my beloved blogging time, but I did gather up some good reads for you.

A few students at Barefoot Works have embarked on the blogging path. It has been such a delight for me to peek in and get a glimpse of these gals inspiring world. Check them out here....and support their openness and brave efforts in sharing themselves through the written word!

More on the yoga/life front...

A great article about the intricacies of triangle (trikonasana) by Jules (anatomy yoga teacher who led our training in Jan)....

Totally fascinating article about Mike Tyson in the NY Times. I recently learned that he's been vegan for two years.

Boost your positive vibes, on Kris Carr's awesome website!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

on advanced yoga

Recently I was having a conversation on the phone with another yoga teacher. This was the first time we spoke and we had a delightful conversation. At one point he asks, "Do you have an advanced yoga practice?"

I sorta floundered around with my words... "I'm not the most flexible of yoga teachers.." I continued on...saying what...I'm not exactly sure. Blah, blah, blah, yada, yada, yada. Insert more yoga speak.

And then, then I came back to this....

"My yoga mat is like the most perfect home. My yoga practice helps me to be a better person. So yea, I do have an advanced yoga practice."

I've been thinking more about this lately. Thinking about how often I share this same concept with my students. Reminding them that the advanced aspect of yoga is something I can't quite see. It's not the beauty of the posture, it's not the perfectly timed breath, it's not standing on your head. It's not in chanting or knowing the Sanskrit language, or in the memorization of the yoga sutras.

I'm not saying that it can't be found, or be present within these, cause it most certainly can.

Also thinkin' about how it took me a few moments to get to this point in my phone conversation. Reminding me that while I got there, there was a moment of hesitation on my part. Which leads me to believe I have more work to do in this area. And that's so totally ok.

Mostly I'm thinkin' about how happy, how fortunate I am to really feel this in my bones. To know and feel so deeply that yoga is more than the ways in which you position your body.

To know that even though there are days I can't take my hand to the floor in extended side angle (safely), when I can't twist and fully open into revolved triangle, or hold side crow pose...I am still good. I am still an advanced yogini.

How so? Because yoga has helped me to become a better person. A more kind, peaceful, and patient person. I have a better relationship with myself, my husband, family, friends, and community. I know that how I choose to live today affects the future of many.

When my mind is spinning with stress and worries, I have the ability to bring myself back into the moment. And from the present moment I can greet my experience with mindfulness and compassion. When I act habitually in the same ways that are not serving me and my greater good I can pause, witness what's happening, and choose to do things differently.

Those are a few of the reasons that I go back to the mat, to the practice, again and again.

Does that mean that I don't get frustrated, pissed, and angry? Uhhh, no. But those moments come much less often than they used to. And when they do I can let go of them a lot more quickly. Life and yoga encompass a range of experiences and emotions. That too is part of the practice. Welcoming it all. Then beginning to untangle the web of emotions, stories, and such, one breath at a time.

This to me, is advanced yoga. On a good day I'm an advanced yogini. On a challenging day I'm back at the beginning. I'll take both, cause that means I'm at least on the path.

Cheers to you and your advanced, ever changing yoga practice. Cheers to this glorrrious spring-like day.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

foundation stones

Here is my past

What I've been proud of,

And what I've pushed away.

Today I see how each piece

Was needed, not a single

Step wasted on the way.

Like a stone wall,

Every rock resting

On what came before

No stone can be

Suspended in mid-air.

Foundation laid by every

Act and omission,

Each decision, even

Those the mind would

Label "big mistake".

The things I thought

Were sins, these are as

Necessary as successes,

Each one resting on the

Surface of the last….

~Danna Faulds


Today I did that thing where I sit down, close my eyes, ask the Universe a question, breathe deep, then open a book of poetry to see what I get (don't tell me I'm the only one that does that?). I got the above poem and it so fitting. So perfect.

Thank you Sarah for gifting me with this beautiful book of poetry. I love it. J

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

plan for self care

I've been giving thought to keeping myself happy, healthy, and well in mind, body, and heart. This is what I've come up with so far. I'm planning to add to the list as I think of news "things". I'll print the list and put it in my journal and collage around it.

sleep eight hours
move my body (yoga, dance, walk)
sit and get quiet
eat veggies
appreciate something I observe in nature
be grateful

self massage
a long bath
plan meals & cook two delish meals during the week

spend half a day retreating in my yoga room
art journaling/collage/create something!

spend a week in Tulum living next the sea
going on a retreat
traveling somewhere with Andy
travel with siblings/fam
review my year, celebrate and bring closure
dream for upcoming year

Hoping you can take the time and ponder how to best care for yourSelf!

Monday, March 14, 2011

a culture of kindness

On Friday I was the lucky recipient of such kindness. Kindness that is even hard for me to describe. Hard for me to explain and express how thank-full I am. But I certainly shall try.

About a month ago one of the above yoga students came to me after a workshop and explained that she and her fellow friends wanted to do something nice for me and the studio. They were volunteering to paint and do some much needed work on the studio bathrooms. An area that had been neglected while I was getting the studio and practice space ready. When she approached me I sat there pretty much speechless. I just couldn't believe someone could be so generous. So thoughtful. So kind. (This is also the same gal that on a weekend yoga retreat years ago had each student present lovingly work on knitting a scarf for me throughout the weekend).

So on Friday after Lisa's noon class they brought in paint, decorative items, tools, and tons o' other things. They proceeded to work, work, work for the next five hours. Lisa was there and she went around dusting the studio. I was there giving love to the plants and cleaning around them.

It felt so amazing to be in the space (affectionately coined the "yoga tree house" by Lisa), doing this cleansing work, with these yoginis. There was upbeat music playing and sun pouring in through the windows.

Sitting here typing this just makes my heart feel so happy, so full with the work that I do and the people I get to share with. I taught the Saturday morning class. At the beginning of the class I told the students of the newly done bathrooms. I proceeded to tell those present how lucky I am, how blessed I feel almost daily for what I get to do. I thanked them for choosing to be there. Thanked them for spending their time, money, and heart with Barefoot Works. I expressed that by choosing to be there they were allowing me to do what I love most, which is share yoga.

I was so reminded of all of this because these four amazing women...Cindy, Dana, Colleen, and Victoria did something so selfless and so kind. They reminded me of what karma yoga (the path of selfless service) really is. A yoga that is about giving from the heart with no agenda and no expectations in return. Giving for the sake of giving.

And this my friends should be a shiny sparkly example for all of us. I will certainly remember this gesture for the rest of my yoga days.

Thank you "Richmond RockStars" for being so thoughtful.
Thank you for being so giving.
Thank you for your support.
Thank you for your time.
Thank you for reminding me of the goodness in the world.
Thank you for reminding me there is power in giving.
Thank you for reminding there is power in receiving.
Thank you for being my teachers.

**The next you see one of these gals in your class give them a big hug (or a big thanks) for prettying up your yoga space.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

when i am among the trees

When I Am Among the Trees

When I am among the trees,
especially the willows and the honey locust,
equally the beech, the oaks and the pines,
they give off such hints of gladness,
I would almost say that they save me, and daily.

I am so distant from the hope of myself,
in which I have goodness, and discernment,
and never hurry through the world
but walk slowly, and bow often.

Around me the trees stir in their leaves
and call out, "Stay awhile."
The light flows from their branches.

And they call again, "It's simple," they say,
"and you too have come
into the world to do this, to go easy, to be filled
with light, and to shine."
~ Mary Oliver ~

This is a fave (I know I say that a lot of Mary Oliver poems). I shared today at the end of class and students were asking about it so here you are!

Enjoy this sunny Saturday! May you go easy, be filled with light, and shine. :)

**Photo taken by Martin Husch during Mexico Yoga Teacher Training**

Friday, March 11, 2011

weekend women's retreat!

Most everyone knows how I love retreats. I think they are oh so important. Sometimes we can't get away to the beach or the mountains. We have just the answer. I am so excited about the upcoming opportunity to retreat right in our own yoga treehouse next month. You're comin', right?! It's gonna be great, I'm sure of it. Here are the details:

Welcome to a unique journey of self-discovery, personal growth, and conscious living; a journey of celebrating your life.

As winter progresses into spring, we have the special opportunity to plant the seeds of our most spectacular desires, deepest hopes, and the sweetest dreams of happiness.
Join spiritual counselors and teachers, Diane Banasiak and Lisa Miller, and other extraordinary women for two days of fun, feminine spirit, reflection, and life-changing inspiration.

Through large and small group exercises, music, journaling, joyful play, yoga and meditation, participants will be guided through an exploration back to the deepest essence of themselves in order to realize how to move forward into the richest of possibilities—mapping the journey forward.

The goal of this two day intensive retreat is to feel nurtured and replenished and to begin to answer one of the most important questions a woman can ask of her self:
How can my life be a deeper reflection of who I really am?

Retreat Leaders:Diane Banasiak has her Master’s Degree in Theology and a Post Graduate Certificate in Spirituality. She has been a spiritual companion to her students and is particularly gifted in spiritual direction. Currently, Diane is pursuing certification as a Life Coach and can be found on the web at Diane has been a teacher for over 24 years and has developed a variety of workshops and retreats for teens, college students, and for pilgrims on the journey!

Lisa Miller is a Healer and Spiritual Counselor in private practice in Lexington, KY. She is the founder of the non-profit, Girls Rock! Workshops, and is a Registered Yoga Teacher with a focus in the body’s “subtle anatomy”—the energy system of the chakras and aura. She is currently pursuing certification as a Meditation Instructor from the Chopra Center in California. Passionate about teaching women about intuition, Lisa especially enjoys facilitating the deep healing that a supportive/sacred Women’s Circle provides.

If you want to chat directly to Lisa about the retreat you can at 859) 227-4101/

Retreat will take place at Barefoot Works Saturday April 9th from 9:00am – 4:00pm
and Sunday April 10th from 1:00pm – 6:00pm. Cost is $250

Ready to gift yourself with an inspiring weekend with other phenom women? Register here!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

on cleansing and when it gets annoying

So this month's studio theme is cleansing/purifying, right? One of the reasons I'm diggin' on the themes (and not just cause I got to decide on them) is because they are always there in my mind. So this month, this idea of cleansing is sooo present. And guess what, it's kinda sorta annoying me at times. Yes, it's true. But in a good way. Or a way that's valuable for me. Annoying, yes. Valuable, yes. Good

For example yesterday I had a meeting with my accountant. Uggghh. Not fun. I found myself thinking, "Maybe I'll stop and get a soy latte to take with me." So of course this idea of Cleansing is right there. Hangin' out, making itself known. And vocal on occasion too.

It says, "Pffttt. A soy latte. Really? Cleansing, huh?"

So I quieted down the Ms. Cleanse voice. Just paid attention to what was happening in my body and mind. Not grasping for anything. Not pushing anything away. Just being open to see if I could learn something.

When I peeled back the layers, what I landed on was this.... I wasn't looking forward to my meeting. In fact I was feeling nervous. And anxious. The thought of having a soy latte made me feel "more comfortable." But in reality it was just a way to sweeten up this experience I was not looking forward to.

And I knew that wasn't what I wanted to be doing. If I was having a soy latte I wanted it to be what it usually it. A delicious experience that's about joy and ritual. And work that I enjoy. Not me using a soy latte to cover up how I was truly feeling.

See, damn you rational voice. And month of cleansing and purifying too.

All joking aside (and if you didn't get that, the above was:)..... I know this to be a good theme for me to explore. It's there poking me in the ribs. Provoking me just a little (anytime something is realllly getting to you, that's a sign for inquiring deeper). Challenging my beliefs on food and eating. I share because I don't think I'm the only one who eats for the wrong reasons at times and chooses foods I don't really need. Call me crazy, but.....

I didn't have the latte. I was glad I didn't. Today I wanted a bagel. Upon further investigation, my lil ol' wise heart concluded that having a heavy bagel (and I would have had peanut butter too) was not what I needed to satisfy my fullest Self. It's rainy and my energy was feeling a little low. Why add something heavy to the mix? I could hear my Ayurveda voice in the background. She was not in agreeance with the bagel. I chose an apple instead. Happy that I did.

**So there is a lot of energy that surrounds food. It packs a lotta punch. Please know that I'm never here to judge what you eat, why you eat it, or how often you eat it. As always, I share my experiences with the hope that we can continue to learn from one another.**

PS - If you are interested in going deeper with the cleansing, this month's workshop will be held March 26-27, 12:00 - 4:00. Details on the website (under workshops).

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

sloppy joes!

I made these last night for dinner. And oh my, they were sooo good. Had to share!

1 package of Morningstar Crumbles (or any other meat substitute for ground beef)
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 small onion, chopped
1 red bell pepper, chopped small
1 (14.5 ounce) can crushed tomatoes
1 tablespoon sugar
1 tablespoon mustard
2 teaspoons of soy sauce
1 teaspoon chili powder
black pepper & salt to taste

How to:
1. Heat olive oil in a large skillet. Add onion and bell pepper, cover, and cook until soft, about 7 minutes. Stir in tomatoes, sugar, mustard, soy sauce, chili powder, black pepper, and salt to taste. Simmer for about 10 minutes.

2. While you are doing above, heat Crumbles in another skillet for a few minutes.

3. Add crumbles to sauce, simmer for about 8-10 more minutes.

**Recipe adapted from 1000 Vegan Recipes**

Monday, March 07, 2011

on creating space

Yesterday I posted this on facebook...
"It's been one of those days. Time to heat my yoga room and roll out my mat."

It was as if in one moment I felt the culmination of personal, family, and business stresses. They bounced from one to the next for what felt like an eternity, although it was only a few hours.

I observed the workings of my mind and my worries. There were moments when it all felt like so much. Too much. And my mind carried me far far away. Into the past, into the future. Anywhere but the present moment. When I'm in the state of stress mode, I know that's not where I want, nor need to be.

I observed my body. It felt tense. Rigid and tight. I observed by breath. It felt as it a big boulder had planted itself right on top of my heart. It felt heavy. Weighted down. It was hard to breath in. For a few moments I surrendered into each exhalation.

Then I came back to the heart and the wisdom of yoga. Be here now. Thank you Ram Dass. Fact was being here now, in the moment meant that I was safe and sound in the Big Blue House. UK was playing it's final regular game of the season. I was safe. Even if Andy was a mess at times (and very vocal). I was ok in the moment. I just needed to take steps to create space in my body, mind, and heart.

Thankfully I know how to do this. The bathroom wouldn't do for my yoga practice so I take my heater upstairs to begin warming my sweet lil yoga room. 90 minutes later I take myself, my journal, and incense upstairs where I spend another 90 minutes creating space in my body. My practice was a slower, very active practice that focused on heart opening. I let myself fully experience the emotions that surfaced. It was very cathartic.

I sat. I observed my body. It felt good. Spacious. Rested. At ease. I observed my breath. The boulder had been lifted from my heart. I felt thankful that I could breathe easy.

I fed my body soup and salad. And tons of hot tea throughout the day.

I spent almost two hours at my kitchen table working with words and images to create things that uplifted my mood and my heart. Crafting scenes that reminded me of the goodness of life. Because even on the crappiest of days, I have tons to be thank*full for.

How do you create space in your body, mind, heart during challenging moments?

Friday, March 04, 2011

the yoga of food

"Given the meaning of yoga as joining, merging, and integration - eating is yogic, too. We literally become the food we eat, and the food we eat becomes us, hence a daily part of a yoga practice. There is magic in mindfulness. That mindfulness may be a constant, unseen opportunity to awaken more, soak up more, live more, love more.....Many systems recognize the concept of life force. Some call it chi, qui, mana, prana - though all may agree it can be found in food, air, and in the clarity of focus. The mindful focus on the miracle of food may certainly be spiritual nutrition to feed the soul."
~Renee Loux

A BIG thanks to Lauren for passing this along to me.
Love. Love. Love it.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

oh the deliciousness

Today was such a drrreamy day. Perfection. It involved a lil work, a lil play, time spent outside, time spent with those I adore. Beauty of all sorts. I started the day with meditation. It was RPM for me. RPM is a term I got from Davidji with the Chopra Center. It translates as...Rise, Pee, Meditate. Just like that. And in that order. Nice, huh?

After meditation I made myself a cuppa hot tea and cozied up in bed to study Ayurveda. Except I spotted the new Rolling Stones mag with Justin Bieber on the cover. What can I say? Justin Bieber totally won out on that one. It felt like a totally decadent thing to be doing. Lounging in robe in bed. Drinking hot tea. And reading about Justin Bieber. On a Wednesday. Good-ness.

I spent some time working at the house then made my way to the studio. I went the "back way", over the hills and through the woods. On my drive I recalled why I've always been drawn to taking pictures. It's all about seeing, really seeing the beauty around me. On my drive this morning I kept my eyes wide open and took in the blue sky, the greening of the grass, the cows, and that cute guy above in the photo. He was by the road so I pulled over, rolled my window down, he posed, I snapped with the cell phone. I smiled, thanked him, and went on my way.

I stopped at Fresh Market to get some things for a picnic later with Sarah. I went in and perused the store at a slow leisure pace. I looked at the beautiful plants and flowers, so bright they were. I looked at the fruits and veggies. Discovered some new fruits and veggies that were new to me. Tasted some strawberries. Got a lil sample of coffee and continued on. This place is a feast for the eyes (and belly too). This was the first time in a long time I wasn't rushing in and out of a grocery store. Slowing down. Enjoying it. It sure felt good.

Arrived at the studio. Did a bit more work. Did a little yoga (in a spot bathed with sun). Taught a little yoga. I do enjoy teaching the noon class on Wednesday. It's usually a smaller class, and a slower pace. I like teaching in the middle of the day and I think it's a great time of day for yoga. The students seemed particularly focused, and present. It was mesmerizing to see. Sunshine poured into the studio. More beauty.

I went to meet Sarah for a picnic at the Arboretum. It's her birthday. With flowers, card, and food in hand I found a nice picnic table in the sun. For about an hour we enjoyed great food and great conversation. Sarah and I joke about the conversations we have when we get together. Seems we always cut to the chase and get to the real juice of life...sharing current hopes, joys, and challenges. I just love her. She is brilliant. And beautiful too.

I stopped at the mall for a quick trip into Gap on my way home. They have my most fave t-shirts for yoga (great for layering too), and I heard they had said fave in short sleeves. AnneDean and Julie love them too. I joked that they should be our "uniform" for the studio. They're the perfect length, so soft, and come in great colors. I snagged two. One blue, one pink.

Came home and did a bit more work. You might be wondering if working randomly throughout the day is effective. Sometimes it is, sometimes not so much. Yesterday I literally worked ALL day to complete the cleansing materials for March. It was total focus time. Some days I have to do that. Today I was more flexible. I love the mix of the two.

Andy and I took the dogs for a nice long walk. Dogs were happy. We were happy. It's sunny. It's sunny. It's sunny. :) I walked around inspecting our yard and garden, looking for signs of new plant life. More and more beauty sprouting from the earth. Like these tulips...

After spending time outside I started cooking dinner. We had spaghetti and it guessed it, delicious. It's been a long time since I made spaghetti. Tasty. Tasty. Tasty.
Here it is only 7:00 now. I plan to do a bit more work. Or read the new Oprah sitting by my side. Hmmm....

Wishing you a most delightful eveing friends.

PS - Cleansing materials are online. I loooved writing this material. Let me know what you think!