Monday, March 07, 2011

on creating space

Yesterday I posted this on facebook...
"It's been one of those days. Time to heat my yoga room and roll out my mat."

It was as if in one moment I felt the culmination of personal, family, and business stresses. They bounced from one to the next for what felt like an eternity, although it was only a few hours.

I observed the workings of my mind and my worries. There were moments when it all felt like so much. Too much. And my mind carried me far far away. Into the past, into the future. Anywhere but the present moment. When I'm in the state of stress mode, I know that's not where I want, nor need to be.

I observed my body. It felt tense. Rigid and tight. I observed by breath. It felt as it a big boulder had planted itself right on top of my heart. It felt heavy. Weighted down. It was hard to breath in. For a few moments I surrendered into each exhalation.

Then I came back to the heart and the wisdom of yoga. Be here now. Thank you Ram Dass. Fact was being here now, in the moment meant that I was safe and sound in the Big Blue House. UK was playing it's final regular game of the season. I was safe. Even if Andy was a mess at times (and very vocal). I was ok in the moment. I just needed to take steps to create space in my body, mind, and heart.

Thankfully I know how to do this. The bathroom wouldn't do for my yoga practice so I take my heater upstairs to begin warming my sweet lil yoga room. 90 minutes later I take myself, my journal, and incense upstairs where I spend another 90 minutes creating space in my body. My practice was a slower, very active practice that focused on heart opening. I let myself fully experience the emotions that surfaced. It was very cathartic.

I sat. I observed my body. It felt good. Spacious. Rested. At ease. I observed my breath. The boulder had been lifted from my heart. I felt thankful that I could breathe easy.

I fed my body soup and salad. And tons of hot tea throughout the day.

I spent almost two hours at my kitchen table working with words and images to create things that uplifted my mood and my heart. Crafting scenes that reminded me of the goodness of life. Because even on the crappiest of days, I have tons to be thank*full for.

How do you create space in your body, mind, heart during challenging moments?

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tinglewillis said...

Such a nice reminder. Thanks for your transparency Sharon!