Monday, March 14, 2011

a culture of kindness

On Friday I was the lucky recipient of such kindness. Kindness that is even hard for me to describe. Hard for me to explain and express how thank-full I am. But I certainly shall try.

About a month ago one of the above yoga students came to me after a workshop and explained that she and her fellow friends wanted to do something nice for me and the studio. They were volunteering to paint and do some much needed work on the studio bathrooms. An area that had been neglected while I was getting the studio and practice space ready. When she approached me I sat there pretty much speechless. I just couldn't believe someone could be so generous. So thoughtful. So kind. (This is also the same gal that on a weekend yoga retreat years ago had each student present lovingly work on knitting a scarf for me throughout the weekend).

So on Friday after Lisa's noon class they brought in paint, decorative items, tools, and tons o' other things. They proceeded to work, work, work for the next five hours. Lisa was there and she went around dusting the studio. I was there giving love to the plants and cleaning around them.

It felt so amazing to be in the space (affectionately coined the "yoga tree house" by Lisa), doing this cleansing work, with these yoginis. There was upbeat music playing and sun pouring in through the windows.

Sitting here typing this just makes my heart feel so happy, so full with the work that I do and the people I get to share with. I taught the Saturday morning class. At the beginning of the class I told the students of the newly done bathrooms. I proceeded to tell those present how lucky I am, how blessed I feel almost daily for what I get to do. I thanked them for choosing to be there. Thanked them for spending their time, money, and heart with Barefoot Works. I expressed that by choosing to be there they were allowing me to do what I love most, which is share yoga.

I was so reminded of all of this because these four amazing women...Cindy, Dana, Colleen, and Victoria did something so selfless and so kind. They reminded me of what karma yoga (the path of selfless service) really is. A yoga that is about giving from the heart with no agenda and no expectations in return. Giving for the sake of giving.

And this my friends should be a shiny sparkly example for all of us. I will certainly remember this gesture for the rest of my yoga days.

Thank you "Richmond RockStars" for being so thoughtful.
Thank you for being so giving.
Thank you for your support.
Thank you for your time.
Thank you for reminding me of the goodness in the world.
Thank you for reminding me there is power in giving.
Thank you for reminding there is power in receiving.
Thank you for being my teachers.

**The next you see one of these gals in your class give them a big hug (or a big thanks) for prettying up your yoga space.

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