Wednesday, March 30, 2011

revitalize body,mind, mind - day 3

I'm out of town till Thursday and wanted to leave you with some good, fun, and creative ways of connecting with body, breath, mind, and heart this week. Do one, do them all, but do do something for You!

Body -Keep a food journal today. Write down everything that you eat including how you feel physically after eating.

Breath - What are the ways you can flow throughout your day? How can you make transitions today with ease and joy? Think from your bed, from home to work, to any errands, to picking up the kids, to coming home, to your bed are just a few examples. You can take five breaths in between each transition, bring awareness to the transitions, observe any shifts of energy between transitions, be joyful in transitions are just a few examples. Get creative!

Mind - In the morning spend five minutes contemplating how you would like to experience your day unfolding.

Heart - Silently say "namaste" to people throughout the day.

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