Friday, March 25, 2011

when the goin gets tough...

When the goin gets tough....
the tough go to Asheville.

It's been a stress-filled month for me. My poor unsuspecting brother called me about two weeks ago. He was on his way to Hazard for a meeting. I had just finished teaching a class. Three minutes into the conversation I burst into tears. He asks, "Do you want me to drive to Lexington after my meeting and we can just hang out?" Sadly I had stuff to do and that just wouldn't work out. But we did end up going to Asheville for a quick getaway.

A number of things to note on this end:
1. It was so good for me to have that outburst. I had been holding way too much in over the last few months. Trying to keep it all together and deal with the stress via yoga, meditation, reading, praying (and cursing too). Those few minutes of letting it all go was probably more helpful for me than anything else. Crying is cleansing. It's cathartic and needed.

2. Everyone should be so lucky to have a brother like mine. A few days after my outburst I get a text from Joel (my awesome brother). He wanted to take me to Asheville just so we could get away and hang out. We did just that over this past weekend. We ate the most delicious tofu nachos, drank the most delicious French 75, walked the town over and over, chatted about babies, beer, and all things in between. We did something we hadn't done since visiting Austin, TX together...have a few drinks then decide to go out and buy "fancy pants", or a new outfit for the evening.

We scooted down to Urban Outfitters. Selection was actually a bit sad. He bought skinny jeans and a scarf (later gifted to the wife). And me a scarf with a tee in which we cut the sleeves off. We even "wore our sunglasses at night". Yep, that's right. Had one of the best days that I've had in a long time.

Now I'm feeling tons better. And reminding myself that yoga is good for the soul. As is the love of a brother. As is fancy pants, Asheville, and French 75's.

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Jen said...

I adore the concept of "fancy pants" ... I'm absolutely doing this sometime soon. You and your brother must have a blast together!