Tuesday, March 29, 2011

revitalize body,mind, heart - day 2

I'm out of town till Thursday and wanted to leave you with some good, fun, and creative ways of connecting with body, breath, mind, and heart this week. Do one, do them all, but do do something for You!

Body - Spend time celebrating your body. Rub yourself down (or even better have someone else do it), dance, soak in the tub, skip down a street, do yoga (today at 5:45 and 7:15)!

Breath - Take a walking meditation while engaging ujayyi breathing (a light audible breath), breathing only in and out of your nose.

Mind - Create a timeline of all the important life events you've experienced, listing both the struggles and accomplishments. Celebrate your journey.

Heart - Make a list of the following:
*Places I want to go.
*Things I want to experience.
*Things I want to learn.
Don't limit yourself, dream big!

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