Monday, March 30, 2009


Pretty much blown away by this video. Maggie even speaks of one of my fave thoughts and phrases, "come alive". To those people who say "What can one person do?"

I saw watch this video and see just how much they can do.

You can learn more about Maggie here.

Enjoy the sunshine today. I'll be taking the day off after a great long weekend of yoga training in Hazard....doing fun things like shoe shopping, tea drinking, journal writing, blog browsing, house cleaning, vision board updating, doggie playing, and movie watching. :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

here's what's blooming at bw

We have all sorts of great things going on at Barefoot Works.

This Sunday Emily is leading a workshop titled "The Art of Yoga & Tea" with about 15 registrants so far. She shared her plan with me and it sounds like such a delightful way to spend a Sunday afternoon. I would be there with bells on....but I'll be in Hazard....with bells on. :)

The following Sunday (April 4) NIA teacher Amy will be sharing a NIA Playshop! Love the idea of a "playshop" instead of a workshop. It's a joyful, soulful workout. Who doesn't need more playing?! Read more about NIA here or check the video out below. Looks like fun, huh?

We scheduled this workshop a little later, so if you're interested then register quickly!!

Click here to view these workshops and others.

Also so many people have asked me about the reiki training we did last Sunday. Let's just say that it was nothing short of amazing. Shelli was great, the participants were great, the weather was great. All around it was a perfect day! We're planning to do another one in May. We have four people on the waitlist from last time and only take six. So let me know if you are interested. Here is a group shot and the sweet little altar that Shelli setup.

On other notes....

Spring really is blooming around the studio. Yesterday they brought more plants out at Sunshine Grow Shop (I think I've become an official spokesperson). Perennials and ferns and more. I was browsing on my walk to Starbucks yesterday.

The trees are budding like the pic at top. I stepped outside yesterday and snapped that. Love that tree!

We have lots of squirrels that like to frequent our classes. We can hear and see them running up and down the beams just outside the door. It's pretty darn cute!

And look at Tracey's handstand! We had a small morning class yesterday. So we got to do something we haven't done at the new studio....use wall space for fun flip yourself upside down poses! Tracey's handstand is certainly blossoming! ;-)
And see Barney (our giant plant in the corner)....he got blinged out with some festive lights. I love having him at the studio.

Looks like we've got our community yoga class all scheduled. It will start in April and be held once a month on Sunday (details coming in newsletter and here I'm sure). AND we've also scheduled a once a month yoga class to be held at Florence Crittenton Home that will begin next month. Yay for giving back....yay for karma yoga! We're really excited about this and hope that you are too. It's a great thing.

Teacher and in Hazard. We're halfway finished with our BIG training at the studio. And I can't even explain how awesome this group is! Wow....they are really blowing my mind. Most all of them are teaching in some manner (although this isn't a requirement) and they are doing beautiful!! It's such a great time to see how all of this starts, evolves and ends. It truly is a life changing, transforming six months that we share. Good stuff.

I'll be leaving shortly to go to Hazard and share the second full weekend with five yoginis in Hazard. These girls are so eager to learn about yoga and I'm so eager to share. We're making a mighty fine pair. I must say so myself. :) To be in my hometown, sharing what I love, to folks that need yoga oh so badly is literally a dream come true. And to get paid for it?! Amazing. I'll try to get some pics this weekend!

OK that's the scoop. If you are still reading along......
Have a glorious spring weekend!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

jolly green giant

Yesterday my friend and I went plant shopping. When I eyed this big beautiful guy I knew I had to had him for the studio! Hmmm, how to get him to the studio? Luckily I had Liz with me and we're always up for an adventure. So we put him the the cart....

I purchased him. We got many looks and several comments. Mostly, "Wow, that's a big plant!"
He actually doesn't weight very much. So we put him into the Ford and let him sway in the air as we drove from the Lowes at Hamburg to the studio. I didn't want him rolling all around so I held him in place sans safety belt (had to be done).
And now he's at the studio. All big and pretty. Gave him a big gulp of water. Most people know that I don't have a green thumb. But I try oh so hard. And it's really important to me to have green life at the studio. So if you see him (and others) looking sad, feel free to refresh them with some water. Perhaps it can be a group effort? ;)

Monday, March 23, 2009

how can you make a difference

A huge fire broke out in the forest. All the threatened animals were scared and fled, except the hummingbird, who decided to stay and put out the fire. It flew to the nearest river and picked up a few drops of water, then came back and put them on the fire. The other animals watched from a distance and made fun of the hummingbird. The more they mocked, the harder the hummingbird worked, persistently and patiently bringing its little drops of water. "What are you doing?" the animals asked. "The fire is overwhelming. How can you make a difference? You are too little anyway." The hummingbird answered, "I'm doing the best I can."

I found this story in the new edition of Spirituality & Health. I've always enjoyed this mag when I've bought it. Standing in the line at Whole Foods the title "Yoga and Tea" caught my eye since we are having that very workshop this coming Sunday.

Yesterday I sat outside the studio flipping through when I found this brilliant little story. It was one of those moments that you just want to hold in your heart for a very long time. I even took a pic with my phone to remind myself of the beauty and simplicity of the moment.

Here I was sitting outside of the studio on a beautiful spring day and...

I knew that Teresa was leading a big group of yogis in her Sunday Yoga For Stress Relief class.
The day before we had concluded yet another great weekend of yoga teacher training.
Shelli was in Lexington and would soon be leading myself and five others in a reiki training.
AND did I mention it was a beautiful spring day?!!

I just thought of Teresa, all her students, the teacher trainees, the teachers at BW, Shelli, myself, and those coming for her reiki training.

And how we're all making a difference in our very own special unique ways. Doesn't matter how small. Wishing each of you many hummingbird moments.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

bw "fan mail" and more

Hi All!

Finally time for me to sit and write to my sweet blog....and all of you. :) It's I was actually "craving" to a certain degree just to sit and write words on my blog. I have decided that it has become an imaginary or silent friend of sorts. You know the kind that thinks you're perfect, agrees with everything you say, and tells you your hair looks great when it doesn't?

All jokes aside though, I do enjoy taking the time and letting words spill forth on the computer screen. It's quite cathartic for me.

OK...catch up time. Here's the scoop and the things exciting me here of lately.

The teachers at Barefoot Works. I love them...still. :) Sarah and I had an amazing two hour lunch last week and we talked about the BEST ways to prepare her yoga basics students for the other flow classes at the studio. I love that she is as concerned about the safety and well being of the yogis who choose to grace up with their presence.

Teresa came out and banged on a drum to help support or drumming workshop on Tuesday. So sweet of her. And I loved looking across the room and seeing her with such a pleasant smile on her face. You know the one....she has it quite often. And Emily is working with me to get our Karma Yoga on over at the Florence Crittendon Home. Even though she is uber busy right now. So Emily, if you are reading and me and chai tea lattes, soon. To ease your stress. :)

I started yoga teacher training in Hazard last weekend! My hometown (or close enough), in Appalachia. And with all the hoopla concerning the 20/20 show, I was feeling a bit nervous, scared, excited, etc. It went off fabulously. I have five sweet gals who are so eager to learn and I couldn't be more happy with the experience so far. This is something that has been on my vision board for a while AND it's here. Yippy!!

My mom is doing super well after the big scary health scare. I got to spend time with the folks this weekend. Hanging out, cooking and laughing. Much fun. And my mom got up at 6:30 to make coffee and oat meal for me before leaving for the day. Ahhh. And she respects my vegetarian ways. Cooking with a meat substitute that my dad didn't even know was a substitute. Shhhh, don't tell.

The studio continues to do super. I get many concerned questions from people when I share that I own a yoga studio. "Ahhh, the bad economy is probably really affecting you?" Luckily I get to share that it actually isn't. Our numbers are way up from last year. During these stressful times, yoga should be the last thing to go. We need it more than ever!

I signed up for a yoga anatomy training with Judith Lasater! It's held at the end of April in Yellow Springs, OH. I've never been to YS, but I hear that it's such a great little village. Looking forward to some new scenery, being a yoga student, and learning more yoga anatomy goodness from THE best in this area of study. Then sharing with all of you of course.

The drumming workshop was super that we had this week. My first time drumming and I was so pleasantly surprised at how awesome it was! And I got drummed on! That sounds a little freakish, huh? But it was pretty powerful, in a very good way. Not gonna share the details. You'll have to check it out for yourself next time.

Shelli and I chose and reserved a location for a fall retreat/training to offer ceu's for yoga teachers. It's gonna be at the Inn at Cedar Falls in Ohio. Beautiful, yes I know. We're only taking 14 lucky souls so let me know if you're interested!

And speaking of my sweet friend Shelli, she'll be in town Sunday leading the reiki training to a sold out group. We have four people on the wait list so we'll schedule another soon. Let me know if you are interested!

It's almost Spring!! In like three more hours!!! Go out tomorrow and buy a tank top or some flip flops. Eat an ice cream cone. Do a cartwheel. Gaze at the budding trees. Listen to the birds chirp. Listen to a happy song. Celebrate Spring. And celebrate yourself while you're at it.

And lastly (if you're still reading this), I got "fan mail" today from THE Melanie Mauer. For a photo fan like myself she is the best! Two words....ahh-mazing. I've stalked her from afar for quite a while so I was secretly doing mind cartwheels when she came to the studio and signed on for yoga. Such a sweet gal! She sent me the kindest email today and agreed to let me share. And she passed along a quote! My kinda gal....

If we are ever to enjoy life, now is the time - not tomorrow, nor next year, not in some future life after we have died. The best preparation for a better life next year is a full, complete harmonious, joyous life this year. Our beliefs in a rich future life are of little importance unless we coin them into a rich present life.
Today should always be our most wonderful day! -Thomas Dreier

"For me, my awkward yoga practice is part of my happy rich life. I really appreciate what you’ve created with Barefoot Works…it’s exhilarating to discover something new yet familiar. I see the love that you pass onto your students and it’s so nice to be a part of another small business that looks after it’s little basket of clients with care. Thank you for offering an introductory special so I could try different classes to see what’s a good fit. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Ahhh. Thank you Melanie. And thank all of you for being a fan of yoga and letting us share with you. :)

Monday, March 16, 2009

drumming tomorrow!

Join us in welcoming Toby tomorrow night from 7:00 - 9:00!
Cost is $35

Friday, March 13, 2009

hazard bound

The copies made.
The binders complete.
The notes in order.
The blankets folded.
The blocks stacked.
The straps are wrapped.
The books in tow.
The scents are sealed.

My mind is buzzing and my heart hope-full.
Getting ready to make my way to Hazard to start our yoga teacher training with five gals. We'll spend 22 hours this weekend learning from one another.

Wish me luck! Have a magical weekend. Snow and all. :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

happy hip opening sequence!

I'm hoping that we can do more of these short and sweet yoga sequences. Let me know what you think and if you have a request! Enjoy and have a faaaaaabulous day!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

make yourself a hero

For Real! I know I should be doing more important work, but who can resist making themselves a hero? Click here and customize yourself....

I was deemed "Captain Thoughtful Philanthropist" and donned lots of pink and instead of a big axe or some other scary weapon, I chose a brown bag of groceries....or could be guns for all I know. There is an option to print and download, but I couldn't get mine to download. Enjoy! I'm back to work...for real this time.

Have a beautiful day!!

Saturday, March 07, 2009

happy (almost) spring!

So I'm jumping the gun a bit! But my oh my what a glorious day!! We were inside the studio from 9:00 till almost 6:00 tonight but just looking outside and knowing how warm it was made my heart happy. And there were a bunch of firsts:

1. I go to wear my fave cropped yoga pants today. And didn't get cold at all!
2. The flowers are coming out at Sunshine Grow Shop in front of the studio. Made my heart happy (again) looking out the window and seeing them. Lots of pansies to choose from just in case you need to add some color to your life.
3. I had my first iced soy mocha for the year. Tracy led the anatomy portion of our training at the end of the day. After we finished we walked to starbucks, enjoyed a drink, AND sat outside. Can you believe it?!! Not the coffee part....the sitting outside part.

This weekend kicked off my yoga teacher training marathon for the next five weekends. I come yogi's! So excited to share the yoga love in Hazard beginning next weekend! And to spend time at home with my mama. :)

I'm trying to schedule some time in April in between training weekends to have a staycation (you guys heard of this). Do a detox, take walks, long baths, easy yoga, clean, organize, read, write, and dig in the dirt. Sounds lovely, huh?

Thursday, March 05, 2009

yogi tea says....

"The body is a temple. Take care of it."

Just me peeking in to say "hi"! I'm actually not hiding out any longer. Just been busy, busy, busy. I'm noshing on dried pineapple and almonds. A little pre-teaching treat. I talked myself out of walking over to starbucks, opting for this instead. Especially when I read what my yogi tea had to say. :)

Monday, March 02, 2009

thank you

I'm such a lucky gal to be surrounded by such sweet souls. I've gotten numerous emails regarding my "resurfacing" post from a few days ago.

It was probably quite easy to see (or read) that I wasn't feeling my normal happy self. Yes it's true. I wasn't.

Over a week ago I was surprised to get a phone call and learn that my dear mama was in the hospital. She was having symptoms of a heart attack. Luckily she didn't have a heart attack, but she does have much other stuff going on.

So I was saddened by all of that.
Saddened to see her scared and unsure.
Saddened by the system.
Saddened by the lack of resources.
Saddened by the lack of education.
Pissed on more than one occasion.
Until I delved deeper and learned that it was mostly fear.
And more sadness.
I'm a tender and sensitive human bean (ala Sark).

I've been debating on what to write here. What do I say? How much do I share? It's interesting when you have a business, especially one such as Barefoot Works where I literally feel like I'm surrounded by a bunch of friends.

Even if I've met you once. Even if I've never met you. You're still a friend to me. I care.

Then I think of yoga and what it really means....which is union. It's about connection. If I can write this blog and connect with one person. Then it's all worth it.

This is just one more opportunity to share. To connect. To be authentic. To connect to my voice and my truth. And maybe, feels honest and real and raw to know that we all struggle.

No one is perfect. Does the "perfect" life really even exist?
I hurt. You hurt.
We all fumble around in the dark.
Hoping to find the light.

Love & Light to each of you. :)