Wednesday, April 29, 2009

what's essential?

So I'm back from a wonderful training in Yellow Springs with Miss Judith Laster. Boy does she know her stuff?! I still have loads of yoga anatomy and physiology swirling in my head.

I'm not rushing straight into teaching all the goodness that I've learned. Giving myself some time to digest the info and practice it myself. What I do know is that she knows the poses....really knows them from an anatomy standpoint. But it also makes sense and it feels right which is the most important thing to me. Some of it is quite different than how I have practiced. In a good way.

One of the things I took away from the training was the idea of asking the question "What's essential right now?" Judith posed that question and I am so very intrigued by it.

Someone after class today asked what was "the best thing that I learned?"

My answer....that sometimes the stories we tell ourselves are not true.

I'll explain more later. Have a sweet night.

Friday, April 24, 2009


I remember my first yoga class, or what I consider my first "real" yoga class. The timing was right. Something in the universe was propelling me in the direction of a yoga mat. That much I am certain of. I did something I wasn't doing a whole lot at that time.....I listened.

I made the call to make a reservation. I like many who frequent the studio for the first time had no clue exactly how all this yoga stuff worked. Sure I was fit. I had been going to the local YMCA for a couple years. But one never really knows exactly what happens inside the doors of a yoga studio.

Crazy thoughts ran their course through my mind....
Will I have to chant things I wont understand?
Will I look silly trying to contort my body in ways it will not want to go?
Will I be the only newbie? Or will there be others like me?

At the studio I was greeted by a nice gal and surprise....I was surrounded by many other people just like me! Imagine that.

All new people at this studio were required to attend a free introduction to yoga class. It was actually a lecture/discussion and a chance for us to ask questions. Like, will I have to chant things I don't understand?

I was convinced and signed on. I attended my first yoga class that same night.

And you know what? I don't recall a single thing that we practiced. Not even one. I am sure there were some triangles and tree poses. But that's not what stands out in my mind.

The memory that I most vividly recall was how connected I felt to my body, my breath. I experienced a certain amount of acceptance. Of everything. All of a sudden this little yoga mat became a safe place that I could bring my confusion, pain, and fear. As well as my hopes, dreams, and joys.

I felt a great love affair from this very first class. Yoga did for me what kickboxing, spinning, aerobics, and running on a treadmill could never do. Yoga guided me to a place of stillness and awe where I could listen, learn, and fall in love with my body, breath and soul.

I just realized today that I've now been teaching yoga longer than I worked at my "real day job" post graduate school. That is a very cool feeling. I'm going on five years of teaching. And the love affair continues.

PS - I'll be away being a student of yoga till next Wednesday. Very excited to be away learning Yoga Anatomy with Judith Lasater. I'll be communicating via Twitter. Join me here.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

office yoga

Discover Simple, Private Sharing at

Breathe, move, stretch, smile and enjoy a little office yoga led by me. :)

say yes

Listen then go give someone a hug and tell them you love them. :)

Found on Jen Lemen's blog.....

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

happy earth day!

What a beautiful day to celebrate earth day?! Consistent sunshine all day long makes a gal quite happy. Thanks to everyone who brought such beautiful plants to share at the studio today.

Wonderful to know that you had a part in adding to the greenery at the studio. Some brought plants from their garden and others purchased. Leah brought violets because that's "what her family always gives." Awww so very cool to know that we now have violets at the studio.

In today's classes we planted seeds of intention, reflected on our earth values, I read aloud "The Lorax" (a fave), and gave packets of seeds out to everyone.

I invite each of you to give thanks for the beauty that surrounds us everyday....such delight above our heads, below our feet, and all around. We just have to stop and take notice.

Happy happy earth day. Let's the continue this celebration of the earth, shall we? It's like Valentines Day. We don't just show our love on this one day. It's year round, or life round. Don't ya think?!

Enjoy my friends. Love to each of you!

PS - The image is from my vision board. Thought it to be appropriate for today.

Monday, April 20, 2009

random bits

The workshops with visiting teachers Tom & Daphne were great!! I got my yoga groove on and felt the affects the next day when I went into "cow" tilt. Hello tummy! Must have been the song long yogic crunches we did! Felt good to feel sore.

I had the pleasure of teaching Teresa's Sunday Yoga For Stress Relief class for only the second time. That was fun. It's so different than what I normally teach. We had a theme of "Expanding the Circle of Compassion". Good stuff.

We had out first Community Yoga class. It was raining cats and doggies, but we still had eight people come out and enjoy the hour long class. And we raised $65 for the Florence Crittenton Home! Not bad for the first go round. We'll have this every third Sunday of each month. Spread the word!

I added caffeine and some dairy back into the mix today. It's been a week. Going another week without sugar cane. To get my "sugar" fix I just made chai rice pudding with agave nectar. It's sitting on the stove now cooling. Can't wait to have some hot tea and dig in. Yum!!

I'll be donning the cowgirl boots tonight and doing on a date with Andy. Having dinner and seeing Texas country Pat Greene at The Dame. YeeHawww.....

Bought two new fun cotton-y skirts at Tar-jay yesterday for Mexico. It's was exciting to make the first purchase for summer and Mexico. Getting more people to choose to come along this year which is truly a thrill for me! I just want to share this place with every yogi! Thinkin' on coming along? Airfare is so very low right now!! My brother and sis-in-law bought impromptu tix to Mexico and will be at Maya Tulum next week for a little rest and relaxation. Lucky souls!

Just made reservations at a darling country inn 10 minutes outside of Yellow Springs for my yoga anatomy training starting this weekend. I hear that Yellow Springs in "one of the coolest small towns in America". Can't wait to check it out. Crystal has given me the local scoop on the cool town. And all the good food and sweet coffee shops are partial reasons for adding dairy and caffeine back into the diet!

Making my way to Louisville in the morning for some yoga and time with my best yoga bud Shelli to plan for upcoming retreats and studio stuff. I do heart planning.

That's it for me! Hope you had a great weekend and wishing you a glorious week. :) Hope to see you at the studio.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


That pretty much sums up the past few days. I just got back from the coffee house where I enjoyed chamomile citrus tea and some time writing in my journal.

I'm not sure if it was the week off last week or this two week cleanse that I'm on, but I'm feeling quite inspired and deeply thank-full.

*Andy and I got to spend time together plus we got hang with his parents and brother which we hadn't for a while. It felt healing to just be with them fully.
*My house. I love it so. And I'm making a clear effort to keep the clutter away. Also doing the same for my car. Finally realizing that being surrounded by "stuff" is not so conducive to feeling peace-full.
*Babies galore! My sweet friend Kristy had a beautiful baby boy, my sis-in-law is having a bod, and my sister is having a girl in less than a month! Zoey Hazel Rose, how sweet is that name?!
*I love my job. I mean I really love it. I had a new gal this week and after class she came up to me and said "I can tell that you really love teaching." Wow. That blew me away A Lot. That I am lucky enough to be surrounded by such awesome peeps like yourself puts a smile on my face. I feel like such a lucky gal!
*We're halfway through yoga teacher training and I can't even explain how proud I am of all the trainees. You just wait....they are gonna knock your socks off by how wonderful they are. Such sweet souls that have forged great big bonds over the past few months. I'm thankful that I get to share the entire yoga picture with them.
*I'm almost over with day day four with no sugar (cane), caffeine, or dairy. I gotta tell ya, I'm feeling like a million bucks! I'm not sure if this is the "honeymoon" phase. I keep waiting to wake up and feel like a raging mad woman cause I haven't had coffee or chocolate. It hasn't happened yet. I've woke feeling refreshed and excited to start the day. Maybe there is something to eating all this fresh, live, earthy food? I'm determined to figure out which foods fuel my body best.
*We have two fabulous yoga teachers from Nashville teaching at the studio this Saturday AND I get to be a student!
*The sun came out today! And it's gonna be sunny for the next two days! After this winter, who couldn't be thankful for that?!
*AND I bought my ticket to Mexico AND I'm staying for two weeks! A week to lead the retreat and a week to retreat myself. Hip, Hip, Hooray!!!

Have a wonder-full Friday!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

spring cleaning

It seems that I have misplaced my planner...and today encountered my first ooopps when I showed up for a meeting that is actually scheduled for Thursday. I wondered why the place was so darn empty!

So now I have a little time before I go meet with my Mr. Tax Man. I'll be oh so happy when that's done and over with. The combination of being really busy and really procrastinating has resulted in me spending lots of hours looking/typing/analyzing numbers on Quickbooks. I've already decided that when I write the check to Uncle Sam I'll do so with a smile. No sense in writing a check and mumbling and grumbling about it. That's what I figure anyway. :)

I'm into my second sugar and coffee free day. Yay me! We have lots of Easter candy all over the house. Andy's sweet mom brought us our Easter baskets so for two days I had my fill of sugar and chocolate. I've been using my juicer and blender to make tasty drinks and eating fresh and whole foods. Also writing down what I eat and journaling about how I feel physically, mentally, and emotionally.

A few other gals from the studio are doing their own cleanse and we've been emailing one another with how it's going. It's great to have that support! I think that spring is such a good time to clean everything up. Planning to do some de-cluttering and organizing at the house also.

It was so great to have almost a whole week off to spend with Andy and family. I'm at the studio feeling so happy to be back and looking forward to teaching and seeing you guys and gals this week! Time away has done me well. :)

We're having the workshops with Daphne and Tom this Saturday. That's Daphne above....looking all cute. If you can come, please do so! You can register at the studio or online here.

We're also having our first community yoga class this coming Sunday at 4:00! Bring yourself and friends to a free/donation based yoga class!

Friday, April 10, 2009

food and rest

Andy and I had a few fabulous days in Asheville with the doggies. It was just what the doctor ordered. Got to spend time with Andy, eat the best food, browse some lovely shops, and REST. Do nothing. I even watched American Idol!

We visited some old faves and new places for me:
Malaprops....and yes I bought another book
Early Girl
Chelseas Tea Room
Woolworth Walk
Barleys Taproom....where we watched the NCAA championship game....with loads of NC fans.
Rise and Shine Cafe

See the theme? Lots of food!

The coolest thing I did was have an ayurveda consult at Blue Lotus with Vishnu Dass. It was so great. I felt very empowered walking away with my very own recipes, concoction of mixed herbs, and an ayurvedic spice cooking kit.

Glad I did all that eating in Asheville. Starting Monday, I'm going on a two week sugar FREE diet. No sugar....of any kind. I'm stating it here cause I know that you all will hold me accountable. Or I'll hold me accountable just cause you know. ;) I was planning to do a spring detox after getting back, but after learning more about my needs and my dosha, seems this would be the very best thing for a sugar cravin' gal like myself. I'll keep you posted on how it's going! Wish me luck...

Andy's parents and brother came into town last night. I'm going to continue to play....we've got a trip to Cincy for today and Keeneland for tomorrow. I was in bed when they got here last night, but I saw several baskets on the table. Better get to eating some chocolate before Monday!

Have a beautiful weekend!!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

little getaway

Boy what a weekend?!!

Spent the last two days with the yoga trainees here at Barefoot Works.
Love them.
Each and every one.
Our weekends full like a full fledge yoga slumber party.
With lots of sitting on the floor of course.

Left tonight at 6:00 to go to a sweet little boys birthday party.
Made a dash for last minute things for tomorrow's yoga training in Hazard.
And goodies for mine and Andy's road trip to Ashville. (The pic was taken last fall when I was in Asheville).

Just finished printing certificates, notes, poems, articles, and other goodies for tomorrow. It's our final meeting in Hazard.

Then Andy, myself and the doggies are makin' our way to the hills of NC.
No big plans.
In fact I just went to see where exactly we where staying.
We'll eat too much, play, rest, read, shop, hike, and frolic.
But mostly.....
I'm looking forward to spending time with my little family...

Gotta get to packing! I'll see you next week.
Feeling refreshed and ready to go!!!

Friday, April 03, 2009

digging deeper

The Uses of Sorrow
Someone I loved once gave me
a box full of darkness
It took me years to understand
that this, too, was a gift.
~Mary Oliver

When I Am Among the Trees
When I am among the trees,
especially the willows and the honey locust,
equally the beech, the oaks, and the pines,
they give off such hints of gladness.
I would almost say that they save me, and daily.
I am so distant from the hope of myself,
in which I have goodness, and discernment,
and never hurry through the world
but walk slowly, and bow often.
Around me the trees stir in their leaves
and call out, “Stay awhile.”
The light flows from their branches.
And they call again, “It’s simple,” they say,
“and you too have come
into the world to do this, to go easy, to be filled
with light, and to shine.”
~Mary Oliver
Both can be found in Thirst"

I shared both of these readings this week and had requests to put them here. Enjoy Danielle and Anne Dean.

I love Mary Oliver. I love how she uses the physical world as a path and invitation to grow as humans beans. ;)

Have a sweet weekend.....

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

happy april

It's April 1! The very first day of my favorite month of all. I love everything about the transition from winter to spring. Love that the trees and flowers are blooming, love that I spend more time outside, love that it's time to pull the flip flops out, love the walk the dogs more, love to hike, love to lay in the grass, love to sit outside and drink coffee, and eat dinner on my porch. All signs that spring is here! Plus it's my anniversary month. :)

We're officially a fourth of the way into the new year. If you were in my classes this evening we spent time reflecting on how we've spent our year and how we want to move forward into the next three months.

This weekend will be the end of my five week marathon teacher trainer schedule. So I'm looking to do some playing in April! Gonna push myself out of my comfort zone a little. Get out and do things for me (and Andy) a bit more. So I'm going to be participating in a book club, looking to find a dance class to take, and I just made reservations for Andy and I to spend three nights in Asheville next week.

Hoping to start doing more cooking. Cooking is something that I enjoy, but my schedule makes it a little of a challenge. But it's still totally do-able. I just haven't put it high on the list. My friend and I are doing a CSA, so for about six months I'll get yummy fresh and organic produce. Yummy! That should inspire me to cook more. Also debating the idea of a little garden with a few herbs and veggies. Maybe keeping Barney alive at the studio should come first?

Also planning to do a detox in April. This week I took my first trip into Morris Book Shop (OMG, loved this gem and Anne Dean works there on Sundays). Went in with the intention of only browsing. Came out with three shiny new books. One was the Raw Food Detox Diet and I'm hoping to give this a try in April.

So that's what's going on here to shake things up a little. Here about you...are you shakin' things up this spring?