Monday, March 26, 2007

Check it out

Photoshop could be this girl's dream come true. I'm gonna have fun with this program!

Sunday, March 25, 2007


"The idea of Appalachia is elusive - is it a people, or a place? It's actually both and more, a mountain region of remarkable beauty inhabited by people whose past was formed by it's hills and hollows." -Raymond Bial, Mist Over The Mountains: Appalachia and Its People
I loved growing up in Appalachia. I'm from Vicco, KY...teeny tiny town. Population 318. I just checked online and the median household income is $13,235. And 99.7% of the people are white. Wow, it amazes me to see those numbers. Anyway, it wasn't until I left home, went to college and lived outside of Appalachia that I even realized there was this stereotype of Appalachia, and for me specifically, eastern Kentucky. Appalachians have been stereotyped as being backwards and hillbillies. Bet you've never heard that before ;-)
I've traveled to quite a few different places and I've still never witnessed anything that is quite as beautiful and unique as the places and people in Appalachia. So maybe I am a bit bias, I mean it is my home. But it is one on the most lovely regions full of storybook characters that are proud, loyal, self reliant, creative, and yes even intelligent. Yes, I'm proud to be a coal miner's daughter. Couldn't resist.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Have you ever

Have you ever had one of those days where you feel like your heart may explode from happiness and hope? I'm having one of those days. Happy as a clam I am.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Join Us

If you've got some free time this evening join us as we celebrate the grand opening of Acupuncture Clinic for Pain Relief & Sports Medicine. The festivities will begin at 4:00 and end at 6:30. You can sip wine, eat Hors d'oeuvres and delicious deserts, meet the staff, and learn more about acupuncture. I'll also be there with a table giving out information for the studio. All attendants will receive a free initial consultation and acupuncture treatment (normal fee is $95). That's a great deal! So stop by and say hello! Have a fabulous Friday dear friends :-)

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Happy Spring

I couldn't have been more ready to today. It is officially spring and this very thought makes me want to dance a little jig. In fact, it called for a mini celebration of sorts. This morning I made a cute little sign, got to the studio a bit early and walked over to Rite Aid where I picked out some little spring treats. I picked out tasty kisses (Hershey's of course), yummy Reese's chocolates, and yellow grass and pretty pastel eggs. Students got to take this little surprise with them after class. Is chocolate ever a bad thing?

My celebration also included lunch outside and a trip to the mall to buy a new pair of flip flops because I was ready to free my pink painted toes. I actually had a pic of my new spring flops, but I just went to insert the photo and I must have accidentally deleted it. Oops. Here they are. I taught a great yin yoga class, dashed home for a beautiful sunset and took the dogs to roam in a nearby field. They too, are ready to celebrate spring.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A baby

This is my sister-in-law Beth and she's pregnant! She's got an itty bitty bean in her belly and we are all so excited for her. Andy's parents can finally have more than grand-dogs in their life. I've got several friends that are pregnant right now....must be something going around ;-) So great to anticipate meeting all these little ones in the near future. I need to get on the ball and start making some baby blankets and quilts.

Check this little guy out...Isn't he just the cutest little thing?

I have a thing for taking pictures of little baby fingers and toes (ok and adult toes too). Something so precious about tiny toes.
But for now, I'll stick with the tiny toes of my four legged friends. They sleep on long car rides.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Cutesy seems to be the word of the day

I was so excited when I opened my email this morning and found this eletter from Sark. She is so much fun and I can't help but love everything she writes and speaks about. I am a sucker for all things cutesy and she is the epitome of cute. Her words and stories truly inspire and always make me want to make certain changes in my life.

And speaking of change, our very own Leigh Ann Simmons was featured/interviewed on Hip Tranquil Chick where she spoke of this very topic. Leigh Ann gives six steps that we can all follow to make change in our life. I found the interview quite interesting and took quite a few notes. It's practical information that we can all incorporate into our lives. Check it out when you get a chance! Isn't this such a cute (there it is again) photo of Leigh Ann? I took it at Keeneland, one very cold and windy day.

And my precious Remy...he is also the epitome of cute. This is what he does when I come upstairs to work. He nudges right underneath my right arm ( it's the most accessible for him since I'm using the mouse) and wont leave until I give him a few minutes of love. How could I resist such a cute (one last time, I promise) face?

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Things that brought me joy this weekend

*My Saturday morning level 1/2 class. I love teaching this class. It's the weekend, people are happy and energetic....just a good fun time.
*After class I picked up yummy doughnuts and coffee. My fave is chocolate kreme filled.
*Friday night I took a sewing class at Sew-A-Lot, Super Simple Skirts. I chose this pretty vintage inspired fabric, part of the Girlfriends collection by Sis Boom. I'm ready to wear my cute little A Line skirt with some flip flops.
*I picked out paint from Lowes this weekend. I picked up three "auditions", the teeny tiny cans of paint that you can sample. So glad I chose three, as I really didn't like two of them. Such a genius idea. Andy and I are planning to paint (lots) during his spring break.
*Loved watching basketball Saturday and Sunday. Too bad all the KY teams are out of it. I'm cheering on TN now. The last couple weekends I've been very content, just hanging out at the house...working out in the yard, puttering around the house, reading on the couch, and surfing the net.
*Someone has commissioned me to create a piece of pottery! That was quite exciting
*Oh and I met with Mr. TaxMAn! I'm so glad to have that off of my "to do list". Really, does anyone look forward to seeing their accountant?

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Love this time of year

I love college basketball and for basketball fans, there is no other time more exciting than March Madness. I got a phone call from my brother on Thursday. He was on his way to Lexington to go to the Louisville game at Rupp and had an extra ticket, he wanted to know if I wanted it. I of course, jumped at the chance to attend a game for the tournament. My brother Joel, is a big U of L fan. Everybody else in my family, they bleed blue. Now, I'm a fan of any team that plays in Kentucky. UK, Louisville, Eastern, I watch them all and I cheer all of them on.
Wow, when we got to that game and saw all the Cards fan, now that was a sight. The Cards had officially taken over Rupp Arena. It was so fascinating. And the energy that you could feel in that arena was just so awesome. I suppose that it's the same as being at a great concert, or a rally for peace, or a church where you feel truly connected, or a great yoga class. There is something great about a group of people that come together with a common interest or a common passion. The energy is there. It has it's own presence and it's swirling all around you. And that's how it felt Thursday at this game. It was truly amazing. And it's a reminder of the power that we have when we gather collectively with a common interest/passion.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

This amazing day

I thank you God for most this amazing day
For the leaping greenly spirits of trees
And a true blue dream of a sky
For everything which is natural which is infinite which is yes. -E.E. Cummings
I tried to post this last night after we had an "amazing day" here in central KY, but blogger was down. Days like yesterday make me want to do what I can to preserve this very beautiful planet that we all call home. Here are a few links to some eco chic blogs. Enjoy.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Your calling

Last night I pulled a book off my shelf to re-read. The book is titled "The Circle of Simplicity" and I highly recommend it. As I was browsing through the pages I found a folded article that I had torn out of a magazine in 2004. It was my horoscope for 2004. As I read it I thought, "Hey, I'm doing this...all of this." And it was just a really great feeling. It read, "The real reason you're feeling psychically fatigued, whether you realize it or not, is that you are making big changes, leaving behind what isn't working and finally learning to take risks. Now you're ready for a real life adventure. Cosmic patterns forecast a work project that will make dreams come true and put your name in lights (so this is a stretch, do you think being on channel 18 with Lee Cruse counts). And, having learned that living by other people's opinions never works for you, you'll live by your own rules." Later that year, I attended my first yoga teacher training.

Today was my last class of a 10 week session with a local high school football team. I loved that at the end of the class the coach asked, "How many of you feel more flexible? How many of you feel stronger? How many of you have been able to squat with more weight? And bench press more weight? And how many of you saw your numbers for vertical jump go way up?" And all across the cafeteria, hands just kept going up. It was really great that they've done pre and posts testing with the players and feel 100% that yoga was the training that made the difference. And look at them in tree pose! They rocked the balancing poses.

Saturday, March 10, 2007


"You may delay, but time will not." Benjamin Franklin

Daylight savings time begins tomorrow (or late tonight)! What should I do with the extra hour of daylight? I'm hoping to plant some flowers and continue digging up an area that I plan to plant some veggies. Andy and I were at Lowe's this evening and I got so excited looking at the packets of seeds. They looked so pretty and tasty. We came home and did some work outside. I started digging an area where I'll plant and tenderly care for my veggies. Last year I successfully grew squash and tomatoes, so this year I'm planting those plus others. I remember how much fun it was this summer coming home and seeing my plants living and thriving. And it was so gratifying (and convenient) to walk outside and snag a squash and make a casserole. It's been said that gardening is good for the soul, and I think that I'm beginning to agree.

Check the clock on the photo. I thought this would be very fitting!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Raku it all went down

These four are my very first pieces that I've created!

It was a perfect day for my very first raku firing with Wyman. Raku is a form of Japanese pottery. You remove the piece from the kiln while its literally glowing hot. The pieces are at such a beautiful stage here. They look almost translucent. Then they cool for just a moment (we actually fanned them for just about a minute), then they're placed in a "reduction chamber" with shredded paper where they catch fire, but only for a moment. This was the most fascinating and exciting thing I've done in a while. There really is nothing quite like creating something entirely from clay, seeing it take on this beautiful form that you sculpted with your own hands, and sticking it in a burning hot oven (or kiln) of 1800 degrees and patiently waiting to see the end result. This firing process is known for its unpredictability, and I love the whole mystery part. And I learned today that raku is the traditional method for creating bowls for Japanese tea ceremonies. How cool is that?! Here are some pics of the process.

Thursday, March 08, 2007


Yes, I love them....I go to some of them for the photos and others I just find fun. Here are a few of my most recent finds that I'm entertained and amused by. Let me know if you have any favorites to add to the list.
Tomorrow I get to fire my pottery pieces! I'm so excited to see the end result. And of course, I'll be taking photos to share. I love Fridays. It's supposed to be a great weather day here in KY...enjoy the sun. I'm hoping to play outside this weekend.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Imagine a woman

This is what I hope for my beautiful little nieces..

"Imagine a woman who follows her creative impulses.
A woman who produces original creation.
Who refuses to color inside someone else's lines.
Imagine a woman who names her own gods.
A woman who imagines the divine in her image and likeness.
Who designs a personal spirituality to inform her daily life.
Imagine a woman who authors her own life.
A woman who trusts her inner sense of what is right for her.
Who refuses to twist her life out of shape to meet the expectations of others.
A couple of stanzas of the poem Imagine A Woman In Love With Herself by Patricia Walden.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Yesterday Andy was taking some yoga pics of me for a sequence I developed for a student. My yoga room is a bit too small to get full body yoga pics, so I opted to use our entry way instead. As soon as I rolled my mat out, both of my dogs (especially the wild one, Remy) thought this was an open invitation to romp around and play. I wasn't ready to play and found myself getting frustrated. In fact, for the longest time I could barely practice at home because my dogs would just go crazy. Thankfully, I can just go upstairs and close my door to practice. And this drives them crazy. Sometimes they cry at the door and other times I can hear them walking around, toenails clicking on the hardwood floor. Since yoga really does mean union or integration, I wonder if there's a better way to incorporate dogs, kids, or our spouses into our yoga practice?

Monday, March 05, 2007

I dream...

I dream of the day when there are as many yoga studio as there are karate schools. It will happen. Just wait and see.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

To the dance

We had a fabulous couples massage workshop at the studio yesterday from 2:00 till 6:00. Massage tables, soft music, yummy treats and perfectly pleasant couples made this workshop a big success. Eric, our leader for the day, is a massage therapist and student at the studio. I loved how so many of the things he spoke of also related to yoga...being (more than physically)present with your partner, using your breath to keep you grounded and present, and letting your intuition guide you.

Following the workshop, Andy and I met Eric and his partner Debra at Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner and drinks and to watch EKU play in the OVC championship game. Andy and I being EKU alumni, were quiet excited to see Eastern play. We had a nice long dinner, spoke of yoga and massage, and 80's hair bands. We ended up leaving before the game was over, choosing to listen to the game on the radio. EKU won on a last second shot and Andy and I had a celebration in my box car...horn honking, fist waving, high fiving, and more than one "yeah baby yeah" on my part. EKU is going to the big dance...woohoo!

Later that night I had some sort of crazy dream about getting into a car accident because I was doing eagle arms. Bizarre. Maybe it had something to do with the fist waving.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Sweat hog or swami...

I found this quiz on yoga journal that I found pretty entertaining. They've divided up the yoga world into "the Kickbutt Workout; the God-is-in-the-details Approach; the Therapeutic Regime; and the Nirvana Express". Which one are you? My practice varies from day to day, depending on how I feel. Some days I want nothing more than to flow for a good hour, gliding from one pose to the next. And the next day I may sit on the floor and do yin yoga for up to an hour. But I definitely consider myself a vinyasa gal. It's a practice that I find motivating, challenging, and satisfying. I also find that it's good for my creative juices. I love coming up with fun, creative sequences to practice and teach in class. I'm actually planning a good sequence for a student that she can practice and home and while traveling. That's a project on the agenda for tomorrow.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Love this...

I got the sweetest email this week from a newbie to the studio. She said she wouldn't mind if I shared on the blog. It's just the kindest email. I'm collecting these emails and cards that I receive from students. At some point I'll put them all in a pretty notebook or journal of some sort. Use it as a reminder for why I'm a yoga teacher. It really is the best "job" I can think of!

"I just wanted to tell you how happy I am that I found your studio. Flow yoga isn't my favorite but I am enjoying your method, your friendliness, the warmth and openness of your studio and students. You have a wonderful atmosphere that is important for yoga studios to attract people who have limitations (excess weight, injuries, the almost elderly). The other reason why I am writing is that I would love it if you give me as much feedback about how I am doing as you feel comfortable doing. I don't mind if you adjust me, it will only help me be a better teacher when I get my own certification.
I have been taking yoga for several years and you are thus far the best teacher I have had. Your style is quite a bit different then others I have had and I have never really had a good fit no matter what the style. So I value your teaching and opinion and want to emulate that when I get on my own way.
Your card was a wonderful and sweet touch that is just what I feel welcome."

Thursday, March 01, 2007


And for all those dreamers who have come and gone
Who have reached for the stars who have overcome
You're the hope, you're the wish, you're the truth
Baby here's the proof...
Baby's born in the ghetto
Baby's born with a silverspoon
One tells his mama, "I have a dream."
One tells his mama, "I'll walk the moon."
-Jennifer Nettles (Sugarland)
The photo is of Jennifer Nettles and on her wrist she has a tattoo of the word "Believe". I've had some sort of weird obsession (maybe that's a bit of an extreme word) with this word for the last few years. It's sprinkled about my life, written on t-shirts, a small sign sitting at the top of one of my doors, and other random places. There is really something wonderful about the fact that we can do anything and be anybody that we wish, by believing...and working hard of course. Here's to all the believers.