Wednesday, March 02, 2011

oh the deliciousness

Today was such a drrreamy day. Perfection. It involved a lil work, a lil play, time spent outside, time spent with those I adore. Beauty of all sorts. I started the day with meditation. It was RPM for me. RPM is a term I got from Davidji with the Chopra Center. It translates as...Rise, Pee, Meditate. Just like that. And in that order. Nice, huh?

After meditation I made myself a cuppa hot tea and cozied up in bed to study Ayurveda. Except I spotted the new Rolling Stones mag with Justin Bieber on the cover. What can I say? Justin Bieber totally won out on that one. It felt like a totally decadent thing to be doing. Lounging in robe in bed. Drinking hot tea. And reading about Justin Bieber. On a Wednesday. Good-ness.

I spent some time working at the house then made my way to the studio. I went the "back way", over the hills and through the woods. On my drive I recalled why I've always been drawn to taking pictures. It's all about seeing, really seeing the beauty around me. On my drive this morning I kept my eyes wide open and took in the blue sky, the greening of the grass, the cows, and that cute guy above in the photo. He was by the road so I pulled over, rolled my window down, he posed, I snapped with the cell phone. I smiled, thanked him, and went on my way.

I stopped at Fresh Market to get some things for a picnic later with Sarah. I went in and perused the store at a slow leisure pace. I looked at the beautiful plants and flowers, so bright they were. I looked at the fruits and veggies. Discovered some new fruits and veggies that were new to me. Tasted some strawberries. Got a lil sample of coffee and continued on. This place is a feast for the eyes (and belly too). This was the first time in a long time I wasn't rushing in and out of a grocery store. Slowing down. Enjoying it. It sure felt good.

Arrived at the studio. Did a bit more work. Did a little yoga (in a spot bathed with sun). Taught a little yoga. I do enjoy teaching the noon class on Wednesday. It's usually a smaller class, and a slower pace. I like teaching in the middle of the day and I think it's a great time of day for yoga. The students seemed particularly focused, and present. It was mesmerizing to see. Sunshine poured into the studio. More beauty.

I went to meet Sarah for a picnic at the Arboretum. It's her birthday. With flowers, card, and food in hand I found a nice picnic table in the sun. For about an hour we enjoyed great food and great conversation. Sarah and I joke about the conversations we have when we get together. Seems we always cut to the chase and get to the real juice of life...sharing current hopes, joys, and challenges. I just love her. She is brilliant. And beautiful too.

I stopped at the mall for a quick trip into Gap on my way home. They have my most fave t-shirts for yoga (great for layering too), and I heard they had said fave in short sleeves. AnneDean and Julie love them too. I joked that they should be our "uniform" for the studio. They're the perfect length, so soft, and come in great colors. I snagged two. One blue, one pink.

Came home and did a bit more work. You might be wondering if working randomly throughout the day is effective. Sometimes it is, sometimes not so much. Yesterday I literally worked ALL day to complete the cleansing materials for March. It was total focus time. Some days I have to do that. Today I was more flexible. I love the mix of the two.

Andy and I took the dogs for a nice long walk. Dogs were happy. We were happy. It's sunny. It's sunny. It's sunny. :) I walked around inspecting our yard and garden, looking for signs of new plant life. More and more beauty sprouting from the earth. Like these tulips...

After spending time outside I started cooking dinner. We had spaghetti and it guessed it, delicious. It's been a long time since I made spaghetti. Tasty. Tasty. Tasty.
Here it is only 7:00 now. I plan to do a bit more work. Or read the new Oprah sitting by my side. Hmmm....

Wishing you a most delightful eveing friends.

PS - Cleansing materials are online. I loooved writing this material. Let me know what you think!

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Crystal said...

Sounds like a perfect day to me.

PS I almost bought 2 of your favorite shirts yesterday.