Thursday, October 14, 2010

day 4 intensive yoga teacher training - tulum mexico

Day four was a more relaxed pace as it was a day of integration from the previous days of sun salutations, standing poses, and standing postures. Nothing new to add to the asana mix and we got to refine our knowledge, teaching, and understanding of the poses. Students taught in groups of three instead of two for the first time today.

I'm simply astounded by how quickly everyone is progressing. I know I keep saying that but it's realllly true! I'm certainly finding that this intense immersion into yoga is helping that process. We eat. drink. study. practice. teach. sleep yoga. It's a beautiful unfolding. Not one without challenges, but yes beautiful.

We added the essential breath and ujjayi breath to the mix. Had time for one on one mentoring with me to chat about any questions pertaining to the material thus far or discussion of any problems, issues, challenges or concerns.

Tracy taught her last three hour anatomy session today. It was about the upper extremeites and asana lab. And time to answer questions students had about anatomy as it pertained to postures.

At 6:30 when the day was over Tracy and I took a walk on the beach. This was so very nice and so very needed. Walks on the beach here do not get any better. We finished our day with a shared dinner of guacamole, mayan sikilpac, and veggies. Oh and a glass of wine. We deserved it. We've been working hard. ;)

Love to all of you.
Peace and sunshine too.


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