Friday, October 15, 2010

on being carried

I've been wanting to take the time to blog about how I'm feeling while here in Tulum. I'm doing the day by day posts to give you a little inside scoop on what's gonig on here. So I can stay connected to you. And you can stay connected to me.

But they are pretty surface level. I will not be speaking of any of my students processes here in Tulum. Not cool. I will only speak of mine and I'm being selective for now in what I share, in both the most tender touching moments and the moments that have presented me with a challenge. There have been both.

I have had the most amazing feeling in the week that I've been here in Tulum for this training. I can't describe it, but I'll try.

The words that keep coming to mind is that I'm being carried by something much bigger, much greater than myself.

I've felt this before, but never to this degree and not for this amount of time.

It's as if I'm here, doing this intense work, but with such support of others. That support is coming in various forms.

Such as the guest teachers that have been and will be with me here in Tulum. Tracy Keenoy, Shelli Carpenter, and Sarah Frank. I undoubtedly couldn't do this without them. No way. No how. They are carrying me.

The short moments in which I am consciously connecting to the sweetness of mother nature. This morning before teaching at 6:30 a.m., I was standing on the beach watching the sky grow lighter as the sun was rising....The 20 minute walk on the beach....Looking out as this sea, that sea...that you see (above). :)

The times in which I literally get stopped in my tracks and I say out loud,

"Oh my god. Sweet Jesus. How can this be?"

And it's really in the greatest sense of wonder and amazement that I am here, surrounded by all of this, and doing this work that literally means the world to me. Nature is carrying me. Undoubtedly.

These people here. These yogis. These students. I am learning so much from them. Every day I'm feeling so happy, so honored, so lucky that they have chosen to be here with me. They are wise. And witty. They are honest. Brave. They are inspiring me every single day.

The Barefoot Works community at home they are carring me. I have received such sweet emails sprinkled all throughout the week. I am feelin' the love, it's true. Sarah sent me this just while ago:

P.S. BWY sent love and light and warmth and good wishes down to you and the YTTee’s yesterday evening. The 5:45 class was a bunch of long time BW yogi(ni)s, and it was such a powerful experience!! And the new peeps in the Basics class I could tell were also very happy to send you all good thoughts, too. One of the best nights teaching I’ve ever had, quite honestly. Was lovely.

Yes, family and friends are carrying me. Yesterday at the end of our class I shared a reading that contained this sentence that continues to stick with me:

"The subtle knows no boundaries."

I love that. Am feeling it. And believing with all my heart.

PS - The above pic is my new fave post to blog and check email. That's my porch I perch on. Can you believe it? I have this view out the front wall which is all glass and a fabulous view of the jungle on the other side. When I shower at 6:30 (sunset) I can see the sun setting over the jungle. It's dreamy.

PPS - Shelli is here! Shelli is here! Yay for Shelli being here. :)

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