Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 7 yoga teacher training - tulum mexico

Holy cow folks, we're halfway there! I can't believe that we've been at the yoga nearly non-stop for a week. Wow...

Today we started our session at 6:30 with a walking meditation. On the beach of course. When the sweet yogi's take their seat ready to rock and roll the hip asana and I announce the walking meditation I see smiles cross faces. Ahhh, nice.

We start and the sky is starting to turn those beautiful colors that it does as the sun rises. We walk. Observe. Breathe. And pick up goodies from nature to return to our altar (which is turning out to be so beautiful).

At one point we're walking and there is this long strip like basin of water, creating a long little pond of sorts. All of a sudden I look over and see this puppy running full speed through the water. When he reaches the end he turns and run full speed back. He does this again and the delight it brings to my heart I can't even describe.

That pupster was my inspiration for the day. Oh to run and frolick at 6:45 in the morning without a care in the world. To risk looking like a fool all for the sake of being free. To be that in the moment, and that fun! As quick as he came he was gone. Thanks for the teaching little puppy dog. I like you.

And you Sun. You are glorious and magnificent. How do you do that thing you do? Always. And forever more. I stop and bow to you. You make me very very happy too.

Back to our pool side, palpa yoga hut we hit the hip asana hard. Nothing like a good hard hip class to get the day rollin'. It was so much fun to teach!

Yep you probably know the drill by now. We do every thing possible with the hip asansa (well almost). For each set of those asanas we talk about what's at stake for the poor lil body. Today's lesson is...

It's all about the safety of the knees!

Please students if you are cranking and yanking your knees around in lotus (padmasana) and a variety of other hip openers, puhhhlease stop.

And of course I'm pushing the blankets (big surprise there, eh?).
Use the blanket.
Wanna try it with the blanket?
See how it feels with the blanket?
A blanket might be helpful.

These poor students have probably been blanketed out by now.

Such growth on the students part as far as practice teaching. They are so cute too. They've now gotten to know one another, so they're feelin comfortable. They are so supportive to one another. And they give really useful and valuable feedback to one another. That doesn't always happen. They are growing more and more confident and comfortable each day. Yay!!

Shelli teaches today also. Thank you Shelli! She chatted with the students about building confidence in their teaching and the different ways to approach this. She also covered more pranayama and started leading the yoga sutra portion today. She is finishing up right now as I type this with an asana class.

While Shelli teaches I catch up with email and studio stuff, take a walk on the beach, study, do yoga on the beach, do self massage (abhyanga) and shower. Feelin' good. Feelin' good.

I think students are going into the actual town of Tulum tonight for the first time. And I'm about to go have dinner. Maybe that yummy salad!

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