Thursday, October 21, 2010

day 12 yoga teacher training - tulum mexico

Lets do this thing! That's totally how I'm feeling today. The students/teachers are so ready for this. A good thing, as the tests are tomorrow. Tomorrow!

We started our day at 6:30 in centering/relaxing/breathing for a few minutes. Then much to everyones delight I announced that we would go out and watch the sunrise. In silence. In place of our seated medtiation.

Getting everyone accustomed to a 30 minute seated meditation was one of the things I wanted students to take away from the training. That being said, I also wanted to be flexible and go with what I thought everyone was needing.

Today I was sensing nervousness and some anxieties about the upcoming tests (40 minute teaching, written, and oral tests). Makes sense. I had a strong feeling that going out to the beach connecting with the beauty around us would serve everyone more than just sitting.

Very happy I did. It was probably the most beautiful sunrise yet. So great to look over to my right and see Sarah standing there witnessing also. And to look around and see such reverance for this "thing" that happens daily but can totally stop us right in our tracks when we pause. And just watch. And just be present.

Truly a gift.

We went on to have a great practice back at the villa by the pool. Finished with a chakra toning exercise in which we chanted the bija mantras for each chakra. Upon closing I hear a "I feel soooo good." I feel happy. And immediately suggest a yoga dance party before breakfast.

And that's what we did. David Newman seranades us and we swayed, shimmied, bopped, and grooved all around the pool. Laughing, smiling, singing, and feeling general delight. Yep, I'm truly a yoga dork.

After breakfast we spend more time reviewing information learned as the bellies digest. We get back into a big group and do practice teaching. The last few days have been really cool. I'm just picking a student out and letting them know the type of pose to practice teach. They have to come up with it (and have it make sense in the way of sequence), cue it, observe students, and offer assistance.

And let me just say....they are rockin' the teaching.

I am truly amazed at how much we can learn as adults. Especially when we are literally living it daily for two weeks.

I am feeling so very proud of the group. I can tell that our time is winding down. The students are ready for all this testing stuff. The timing of it all feels perfect.

We did have more stuff to do today though. We spent another hour on ethical inquiries and I spent another hour doing one on one mentoring.

As I type this now Sarah is finishing up her three hour session on chakras. Another full day here in Tulum.

All are happy.
All are well.

Tomorrow we being testing for the teaching portion at 6:30 sharp. Happy thoughts to them! Three tests in one day then we're off to temalzcal (sweat lodge) tomorrow at 6:00. Whewww...............

Sunshine from here in Tulum to wherever this finds you. May you be filled with joy. :)

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