Thursday, October 07, 2010

back in paradise

Are you guys sick of hearing that yet? :) Poor Andy is already being tortured by beautiful pics like the one above. He liked it here pretty good too.

After a long day of travel, starting with a 3:50 am departure from the Big Blue House, I arrived in Cancun at about 12:30. Customs was pretty quick. The only iffy part was when I hit the magic button (you know the one that if you press and land on red you get your bags searched?) and I got a red button.

I take my backpack and suitcase over, lugging all 50 pounds of the suitcase (most of which are books) onto the rack. The nice gentleman searches my bag and pulls out a banana. Appears you're not supposed to bring fruit into the country. Duh. I tell him to be prepared to find an apple. Which he did. Both were taken away. Boo, there goes my snack/possible lunch. He then pulls out my essential oils and asks what they are. I tell. He sniffs and seems content with what I told him, which was armoatherapy oils. For yoga, kind sir.

Roberto is waiting outside in the midst/madness of people standing with signs. People asking to take your bags. And wanting to know where you're going. And with whom. I just avoid making eye contact and act like I know what I'm doing.

Roberto is a lovely man. He moved to Tulum 5 years ago from Mexico City. Always meet the nicest people here. As we enter Tulum he says, "Welcome to Tulum Sharrron." I get goosebumps. I see the turquoise water a few moments later and I clap. Roberto thinks this is funny.

I give hugs to the folks I've come to know at Maya Tulum. Have a delicious late lunch. Go schedule a treatment for tomorrow afternoon. Then I go have a reunite with the big blue open sea. I swim. Float. Paddle. Side kick. Dive into the waves. And let them crash into me. I welcome it all. A wonderful bonus....the sea was the prettiest I've ever seen it today.

I shower then go spend nearly 90 minutes in a restorative yoga class which was absolutely perfect for my long day of travels. The teacher was new to me. Her voice, it was so perfect for the class. So relaxing. And sweet.

After class I lie in a hammock (the hammocks are back, the hammocks are back!) with the yoga bible (yoga sutras) and a blanket. Yes a blanket! I was cool.

Here I am back in the restaurant. I'm not hungry for dinner so I'm drinking hot ginger tea. Sending emails and catching up here.

I gotta say that getting here today has been such a great affirmation for the training that's coming up. I really can't wait. I just know it's gonna be great.

Love to all of you at home! Am thinking of you....

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