Wednesday, July 06, 2011

a recap of tulum adventures

I'm leaving tomorrow for the happiest place in the world. Whoever said that place is Disney World has clearly never stepped foot onto the powder sand of Tulum and been embraced by the sweetness that exists there.

Today I taught my class at the tree house for a bit. A student said, "You have that Mexico glow." I respond, "Soon. I'm not there yet." To which she smiled and said, 'Yes, you are." And I kinda agreed.

I talked to my sister yesterday and she asks, "Are you getting tired of going there?" To which I respond with no hesitation, "Uhh no."

The truth is I am just excited now as I was the first time I visited Tulum. Maybe more so because I know how good I feel here.

Today I was driving to the studio and I got a the feeling of flutter of butterflies in my belly. I connected to my breathing and felt a surge of excitement when I realized that tomorrow at that same time my plane would be landing in Mexico.

It's been non-stop for me since Sunday at 7:00 pm. Now it's finally hitting me.

Tomorrow I'll be in Tulum. I'll get to re-connect with people that work at Maya Tulum. I'll get to see yogis that I normally see at the studio, in another country. I'll meet new and interesting and amazing people from across the US.

I'll make up for the massages that I haven't gotten this year. I'll take daily dips in the sea. I'll teach yoga by the sea. I'll go barefoot for 11 days. I'll savor the silence without tv's and telephones. The sea will soothe me to step and be there when I wake.

I'll feel more connected and in tune with nature than I do in any other place.
I will eat healthy and fresh and delicious food.

I'll feel oh so thank-full. And grateful. And full in general.
I'll pinch myself daily to make sure this is really me, doing what I love, in such a magical place, with amazing people around me.

As I think back to be past trips to Tulum, my heart feels big and full. Here is a look back at the past retreats and trips to the place that always feel like home:

2007 - Paradise Found

2008 - Paradise at the edge of the sea

2009 - Ringin' in the New Year with my brother and sister - Isla Mujeres & Tulum

2009 - Loads of gushing this year (and I had bangs!)

2009 - A self crafted business retreat with my fellow biz bud, Debra! Reflections from Maya Tulum2010 - Three whole weeks in paradise!

2010 - A day of retreat. And the sweet & sucky.

2010 - 200 hours of yoga teacher training in Tulum -oh my!

Now back to packing and getting things together. Hoping to peek in and post on the blog while I'm in Tulum. Adios amigas. :)


melanie said...

oooh, this sounds like the perfect (and perfectly healthy) adventure! have a wonderful time! xoxo, -melanie-

Sew-A-Lot Creative Sewing Centers said...

I'm sad I missed your call this morning. I hope you had a safe journey and I miss you already.