Friday, July 08, 2011

why everyone needs a special place

I took an hour long walk this morning in which I only passed three lucky people on the beach. Yes a full 60 minutes and it literally felt like I had the beach to myself.

I say "lucky" because they too are blessed to be here basking in the goodness of Tulum. As I walk down the beach I wonder how it is that there are so few people here. In a place of such beauty, how could this possibly be true? (Never mind that it's summer in Mexico.) ;)

Part of me wants to climb the tallest palm tree and scream, "This place is pure paradise! Pack your bags and run, fly, or drive here as quick as you possibly can!"
But part of me doesn't, cause I want to keep it to myself. Savor the solo walks and all.

I do wonder if it will last forever (does anything really)? Will this place still be dotted with palapas up and down the "beach road"? Will it be a haven for the sea turtles to make the trek from the sea to the beach here to lay their eggs? Will there be high rises and lights all around? Will one be able to walk for an hour and feel like this place exists for them and their happiness?

I wonder these questions with each visit. Maybe it's part of why I feel the need, the urge to be here as often as I can. With each new year, and each new article highlighting Tulum, and each person that sees an opportunity to make lots of money (and some not caring to keep it as it is) it will cetainly change.

I love this quote by Jospeh Campbell, "You must have a room, or a certain hour or so a day, where you don't know what was in the newspapers that morning... a place where you can simply experience and bring forth what you are and what you might be."

It speaks to the importance of having a sacred space to retreat to. I like to think that people need more than just a room, that we need a special place, a place that lights our heart afire. That place for me is Tulum.

Some people are lucky enough to have a place that lights them up closer to home. I know some have found it at The Red River Gorge(ous). My BF's Mom found it at Dale Hollow. My brother feels it in the Appalachian Moutains.

Me, I feel it here in Tulum. Here I am most reminded of who I am and who I can be. Some may point out that as a yogini I don't need any particular palce to help me to feel connected, happy, and whole. Don't I already have everything I need within? Isn't happiness a state of mind afterall? Yes, I'd agree to both of those.

Yet for thousands of years people much wiser than me have spoke of how certain environments, landscapes and places have not only inspired them, but helped them to live in a state of grace, and feel inner and outer harmony.

Such places can draw us back to what's truly important. Such places can remind us how good it feels to live more simply. Such places help us to feel that everything is right in the world. Such places help us connect to our core.

And it is always my hope for both myself and my students that retreat to reconnect to their very own goodness and beauty. That they are reminded of what brings them joy. That they revel in the beauty around them. That by withdrawing from the world they know, they learn new things and carry these revelations back to their life, their home, and their community.

I'd so love to hear if you have a special place, and if so where?

**I snapped the photo as I was coming to dinner. Right now I'm sitting in this fabulous open air restaurant sipping a glass of wine and tapping away.**


Mia said...

My special place - other than the many beautiful beaches in the Philippines - is in my parents'/grandparents' garden in the home I grew up in. Funny how it looked so massive to me when I was growing up and doing cartwheels on the grass. We had lawn chairs under coconut trees, where I would sit and read during lazy afternoons. We also had a mango tree, and we would pick mangoes or coconuts and eat them under the warm (HOT!) tropical sunshine. We had orchids beautifully cared for by my late grandparents. It's truly a special place where even our friends love to gather. Ok, I'm homesick now... enjoy your lovely special place. I'd love to make Tulum one of my special places someday too!

Mia said...

P.S. Are Jen and Don with you? If so, big big BIG hugs to the 3 of you! :)

Sharon Tessandori said...

Mia that truly sounds amazing! Lucky you for having such a special place growing up.

And yes, Jen and Don are here and I told them you were thinkin' about them and sending a big hug!

I would so love to share my happy place with you someday. :)