Wednesday, July 27, 2011

summer cleanse

All this week I've been posting pics of the (sometimes) delish smoothies and juices Andy and I have been having. I had told just a few people about our plans to do a 21 day cleanse. Yes, 21 days. First a little background.

The last time BFF and I were in FL we happened upon a Borders that was closing. I was in book heaven and bought a lot of books. A lot. One was the book Clean by Alejandro Junger (who is a M.D). I brought it home and read it pretty quickly. My plan was to do a cleanse back in the spring (when it was the theme at the studio). Well, for a variety of reasons, that didn't happen.

Fast forward a few months as I prepare to leave for Tulum. I had a short and brief discussion with Andy about doing a cleanse together when I got home. I felt like I was overdue for one and he is coming upon his really bad allergy time. I was surprised when he agreed. I (very subtlety) left the book Clean out in eyesight, packed my bags, and hitched a ride to Mexico.

While in Tulum I was taking a walk with a super sweet yogini and we were talking about what brought her to the retreat and her time leading up to the retreat. She shared that she and her hubby had just finished a 21 day cleanse. When I asked her which one, she said "Clean, by Alejandro Junger."

Wink, wink from the Universe. I filed this away and we walked on. When I arrived back home I was oh so happy to see the Clean book sitting out on the couch and a bookmark placed well into the book. Andy had been reading without me (forcing, I mean) encouraging him to.

We both decided that the following Monday (which was this past Monday) we would begin. And so we have. I've been posting one pic daily on Facebook of the drink we've been having for breakfast.

Today I got a few comments about the proportions of ingredients I was using plus someone wanting to know if I was doing a detox, and where I was getting the recipes from.

So here we are. The photo you see above are the main books I'm using for this cleanse. I've taken the premise of the Clean program, which is a smoothie/juice for breakfast and dinner + a healthy lunch and incorporated some other foods/recipes into it.

If you've got questions let me know. While I make no claims to be an expert I'm happy to share my thoughts and experiences on cleansing, juicing, and smoothie making. :)

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