Monday, July 18, 2011

and re-entry begins!

I'm sitting in the Atlanta Airport right now. Happy that I'm getting free Wi-Fi. It's the simple things right?

And so the transition from Tulum to "life as I know it" has begun. For 11.5 days there were no wearing of shoes, no watching of television, minimal speaking on the phone (less than 5 minutes with Andy), no riding in cars, no blow drying of my hair and no wearing makeup (unless lip gloss counts ;).

I waited until the very last minute to put my shoes on. My taxi picked me up at 11:30, so at the registration desk as I was finishing up goodbyes, I dusted the sand off my feet and slid into my sandals for the first time since I arrived at Maya Tulum.

I was ready to come home. I miss my Big Blue House and more importantly the love that lives there in the form of Andy and the four legged babes. Yet, it's always hard leaving one extreme for the other. A place like Tulum that is so quiet, so simple, so stunning, so good in so many ways.

The taxi ride was nice enough. In the backseat I pulled out the Frida journal that was gifted to me by the retreatees. Inside are the most heart warming words I could ever imagine. Such kindness shared in these pages and I read them slowly, savoring each word penned.

I was at the airport in 90 minutes. And it was easy enough. The lines were short and I had my ticket and got through security quickly. But the people, oh the people everywhere. Way. Too. Much.

I had some lunch. The same I always have when I travel back. Cheese pizza from Dominoes. If you have any idea the amazing food I'd been having for 11 days you would understand how depressing this is. I quickly ate my cheese pizza and ran away to find the quietest spot available. After I bought a soy latte from Starbucks of course. Is it sad to that the Starbucks is like a shiny sparkly star at the Cancun Airport?

And sitting here now in Atlanta at the world's busiest airport, can I just say that the chaos of Cancun doesn't hold a candle to the chaos in Atlanta, especially when you are making an international connection?

So here I sit, cross legged in a corner, trying not to face anyone, donning a dress plus the leggings I put on while ago, pondering my week ahead. There are emails to respond to, calls to return, a list of to-dos for the studio.

One thing remains certain to me, and grows stronger as time passes by. That is my need for simplicity in my life. I thrived for 11 days with very little. I had just a few books, a few change of clothes, minimal "things" around in the cabana that I've come to love. How much does one need at the beach?

Each night at bedtime I point the fan on me, turn on the small bedside lamp, and slide into bed for a few minutes of reading. I go to sleep and wake up to the sound of the sea. It is all wonderfully simple and satisfying.

I'm thrilled to get back to the yoga tree house. To see my fellow teachers and students. Excited to see my family and friends. Looking forward to grocery shopping, cooking, and sharing meals with Andy. I know I'll be taking lots of walks in the quiet of the cemetery, spending time in my yoga room burning copal incense, doing yoga, and writing.

In general being light and kind to myself as suggested by my dear friend in Philly. Yes for sure.

*photo taken by Myra*

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