Monday, July 25, 2011

on trust

I've spent the majority of the day thinkin' about it. Trust, that is.

Trust is next month's theme at the yoga studio so today I've dedicated the day to pondering and writing about the theme.

One of the biggest aha's I received was just how much trust I do have in the practice of yoga. No, not just the trust in the poses. Much more than that. Like trusting that the Eight Limb path laid out in yoga is one in which I want to live my life by.

What I put on Facebook was this:

"Sitting outside, drinking hot tea, writing, and pondering how much faith and trust I have put in the yoga practice to help me the best version of me I can be. In the moment life feels really full. And good too."

I'm far from perfect and make mistakes daily, but since I believe so much in the art, science, and wisdom of yoga it gives me a place to come back to over and over again.

Love myself and others.
Tell the truth.
Take what I need.
Reserve and conserve internal and external resources.
Let go.

Choose thoughts, words, and actions from a pure place.
Choose contentment and gratitude.
Focus & discipline are good.

Yes, that's the juicy goodness of yoga. And that's what I trust this ancient practice.

I took a break from writing and checking my email when I got a note from Jennifer Louden and guess what she too was writing about.....yep, (self) trust. She had this to say:

"To simply go on a retreat - of any kind or length - you have to trust yourself, at least a little. When you trust yourself enough to take action on your own behalf, the world changes. And the more you do it, the less you will accept a world that isn't fair, just, and safe for all.

Self-trust makes us fierce and resourced enough to take on what needs to change.

So here is my heart inscribed shout-it-from-the-roof-tops message to you today:


So today I'm asking myself how I can better trust myself. Listening to the parts of me that are yearning for something (like time to fill my own yoga well), trusting what I hear, and figuring out the next step.

Happy Monday Friends.

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Amael said...

Trust that you are one of a kind, gentle spirit of light you are, so shine beautiful sun, shine...