Thursday, July 07, 2011

guess what????

I'm here. I'm here. I'm here!

Greetings Friends!

Happy, Happy, Happy. It was an early morning start in KY with the alarm going off at 4:45 (yes a.m.) There are few things that interrupt my sleep but early morning travel can do it. Especially when it’s a BIG fabulous trip to Tulum. So yes up at 4:45, out the door at 5:10 to catch my flight that was departing at 6:10 from Lex. Travel was sooo easy and perfect today. I had a short flight from Lex to Atlanta (53 minutes to be exact) and an hour layover in Atlanta before departing for Cancun. I had just enough time to sit and drink a latte before boarding my flight. I so love when that happens.

The coolest thing happened on my flight. Over 90 minutes into the flight I look to the gal seated in the window seat (her hubby was between us). She had her netbook open and was working. I’m not entirely sure if I was totally snooping or what (appears I was) but I saw the word YOGA typed on the screen. My heart did a lil flip. I sat there and pondered for just a moment whether or not to say something (which totally gives the snooping away) or not. Well I couldn’t resist and ask her if she teaches yoga. And she does. We chat some more. The usual what’s your name, where are you from, where you going….

And get this?! She had tried connecting with me just yesterday! She joined our Barefoot Works FB page and said she messaged me to see if you could join in on some of our yoga classes here in Tulum. We had just the loveliest conversation. She invited me to come teach a workshop in Knoxville (yea she’s just down the interstate) and gave me her biz card. I’m pretty sure we’ll stay in touch. I just love it when things like this happen. Winks from the Universe.

Everything was easy in Cancun and before I knew it my shuttle was taking me away to paradise. I was reading a pretty juicy book. A friend emailed me last week and told me to indulge in some juicy, can’t put it down reads. Crazy enough (or not), I don’t do much fiction reading. But this morning at 5:45 I bought the juiciest read from the airport. It was a last minute thing since the reading I brought mostly consists of my own, poetry, and yoga books. Oh and The Artists Way (thanks Lisa!).

The book has been perfect to have today. I read on the plane. On the shuttle down. And thought that I needed to make a habit of at least one good juicy book per trip. Every once in a while I would like up and see something like the trees filled with orange blossoms that I’ve come to love. I would smile and think, “I’m on my way to Tulum!”

I arrived here at lunch, perfect timing right? I got settled into my fave cabana of all (19) then had some lunch. When I wasn’t reading on the shuttle I was dreaming about guacamole. Delicious, delicious guac. So I had a ton plus a spinach salad. Then I started to crash.

Not sure if it’s the non-stop work that had been going on since Sunday evening, the lack of sleep, or the travel (all three I imagine) but I was exxxxhausted. Shew. Tired, tired Sharon.

So I lay for two hours on the beach and drifted off for a baby nap. I snapped the above photo before lounging. I got to chat with the lovelies at the spa, give and receive big hugs. I took a walk. On the beach. In Tulum! Before I turned to walk back I stopped and did some good stretching in the sand, facing the sea.

I made in back in time to hit the restorative yoga class up. It was just what the doctor ordered. Felt oh so good. A nice long hot shower and the smell of copal incense here in my cabana and I’m feeling like a brand new yogini. ;)

I wish you could be here right now in this very moment as I type. It’s turning from day to night. The lighting right how is beautiful. The waves are crashing just out in front of my window. A nice breeze blowing and birds still chirping. There are no sounds other than the sounds of nature, which to me are the most poetic and beautiful of all.

Thinking of you. Sending warmth and light and love from Tulum.

PS – I should warn you that posts over the next 11 days will likely include lots of the following words: Tulum, paradise, magical, juicy, and happy.

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Sarah said...

Love. this. post! So happy for you.