Wednesday, July 13, 2011

when walls come crumbling down

"And sometimes the wind has touched my cheek like a spirit." ~Mary Oliver

Yesterday I opened my journal to begin writing on a new page. Instead of having the date it says,:

Tuesday, July something....

I simply couldn't figure out the date. And it didn't seem worth it to count the days since the retreat started. Tis the things that happen when you retreat at Mata Tulum.

I've been pondering the quote above throughout the day. Thinking about how it's so fitting for our time here in Tulum. Where every step you take feels sacred and the wind kisses your cheek like a spirit.

And the retreatees are feeling this too. Each day I see them letting go a little more. There is a sense of comfort and community here among the group. Walls are coming down. Hearts are opening up. Stories of struggle and joy are shared. It's an amazing thing to be a part of, an amazing thing to facilitate.

Last night at dinner I sat at a table alone (we have a "safe zone" identified for introverts and intimate conversations ;) so that I could write about the day. I looked over at the tables filled with people that just a few days earlier were strangers.

I heard them laughing, sharing stories, and having a grand ol' time. I see the way they give their full attention and listen deeply to those around them. A smile curled up on my lips and I thought to myself, "it's happening." Yesterday was the day when I could see and really feel the bonds that had formed.

There is always a point in retreats and trainings when guards are let down. Depending on the group it takes more or less time, but it always happens. Yesterday was such a day. A good day indeed.

It's like the Universe is blowing kisses.
The moon and stars shine down with love.
And the wind touches your cheek like a spirit.

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