Tuesday, July 26, 2011

the safe zone at maya tulum

On our first day of retreat, during our opening, I was going down a list of suggestions and recommendations, do's and dont's for the week such as:

Do have the mind of a beginner for this retreat and I'll do the same.
Don't freak out if a lizard makes your cabana it's temporary home.
Do give yourself permission to do whatever the heck you want to do.
Don't come to class if you don't want to.
Do give yourself the gift of massage while here.
Don't expect that everyone here is having the same experience as you.

{Of course, I wasn't that brief with everything, but you get the point.}

One of the ways in which I support myself and students in taking care of ourselves is by designating a space for "introverts and intimate conversation."

In crafting and holding space for this retreat I always want students to feel like they can have exactly what they need for this week of retreat. A lot of times students come to retreats because they are in need of something...rest, healing, clarity, peace, and so on. It's my role to do all I can to help provide them with the experience they need. And sometimes this is time with the group. Sometimes it's time alone.

I'd be lying if I said this space for "introverts and intimate conversation" was only for students and not for me too. Cause sister, it most definitely was for me too.

One day I was sitting in this designated quiet zone (it's in the restaurant) when a student comes over and says, "I know you're in the safe zone but I wanted to tell you....".

And so the safe zone was birthed. Safe zones are good. They are places that we can go to receive what it is we're needing. In Tulum I would go to the safe zone to have a quiet meal (what I needed was not to talk after teaching), to journal (what I needed was to process what was happening that day), and most daily you could find me there drinking from a fresh coconut (what I was needing was to prepare for our upcoming class).

Here at the big blue house I have my yoga room. It is a safe zone, a sacred spot for me to retreat to, to gift myself with what I'm needing in the moment.

I'm thinkin' we all need safe zones at work and at home. And we need to give ourselves permission to not always have to be "on". We need spaces that we can go to receive and rest after giving so much.

Because I have so much more to say about this, my plan is to write more on this topic this week. In the meantime, may you find a safe zone, take a few slow deep breaths, say a lil prayer for yourself or someone else, and remind yourself of what you have to be grateful for.

PS - Photo taken by Myra in Tulum. Cute gals + drinks+ delish food. Close to the safe zone, but not as quiet. ;)

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