Tuesday, July 13, 2010

maya tulum retreat - day 3

Hola Amigas (and amigos too)!

We're into day three of our retreat here in paradise....otherwise known as Maya Tulum. All but one person from the group arrived on Saturday. I have to say that it's really a great group. Although I think I'm pretty lucky in working with yogi's. It's pretty hard to complain about em". ;)

We have 14 total people in our group. Myself and Sarah as teachers, four BW's yogis, two gals from the Lexington area, two from Arlington Va, Toronto, Orange County, Miami, and Playa Del Carmen. Ten yoginis and two yogi's. Good peeps.

I had tons o fun being here with my family. I left them on Saturday to come to Maya Tulum (about 25 minutes down the beach). Was very happy to see them yesterday briefly. Rhonda came down for a holistic massage with Fabian (she too now knows what I mean about him), them mama and Joel walked down to have breakfast. I got to show them my home when I'm here, and introduce them to people I've gotten to know over the years of coming here. Plus they got to meet some people from the studio which was fun.

After they left I felt a tiny bit sad. But then commenced with a dance party in my cabana to celebrate that my mom was actually in Tulum! Crazy. Happy. YES to mondo beyondo dreams when they come true.

I will be going down to visit the folks at Cabana La Lunas today also. This is where we'll have the training in the fall. Sarah is going to come along.

I'll teach two sessions today and Sarah one tonight. I don't have any treatments scheduled for today, so it's gonna be me and the sea today. On a date.

I do miss all the sweetness of the studio. The students , the teachers, the familiarity. But I must say that being here feels so easy, so natural, so good. And t Leaving me feeling very happy today that I still have two more weeks here in Mexico. I must take a photo on my phone of the yoga hall we practice in so you can see how much it looks like the studio. We dont have the bright flowers of Sunshine Grown Shop, but we can see and feel the ocean and hear the loveliest of birds chirping. Lucky lucky gal.

And Andy will be arriving Saturday! Saturday...yep Andy will be here. :)

I'm gonna sign off and prep a bit for this mornings class. I hope that each of you are feeling blessed and lucky today....no matter where this message finds you.

Un abrazo.....

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