Thursday, July 08, 2010

todays highlights

Doing yoga on the front porch at 6:30 this morning and have the cutest dog join in and immediately demonstate a perfect up and down dog. He then proceded to nibble Joel's ear in cobra and my big toe in standing forward fold. We decided to cut the session short and take Chipitali for a walk down the beach.

More mango deliciousness. Yummmmm.....

Three dips in the sea for jumping into waves, floating atop the waves, and getting smashed by them too. One that slammed me into Rhonda and during the flailing of her arms she punched me in the lip. Got a wee little swelling in the ol' liperoo.

Tomato and avocado sammies. And real coka cola. With real sugar.

Reading/reviewing materials for the retreat in hammock.

Studying ayurveda seaside.

Delicious dinner with wine, bread, nuts, pasta, hot tea, chocolate mousse... followed by a dark walk up the beach with Rhonda in which we wondered if we would see our lil cabana. It is super dark on the beach, which is a big plus to me. It is simply beautiful. We found our sweet little cabana. We waited outside with Joel and mama caught a taxi back.

I sit. And gaze at the stars. And gratitude unfolds.

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