Wednesday, July 07, 2010

made it to mexico!

Hola! As I sit here typing, this is the view I see! Yeah, pretty amazing. And I'm not taking a second of it for granted. :)

Travels yesterday were uneventful. Thankfully so since it was my mom's first flight. She was a trooper. She started in the window seat then ended up swapping with me for the middle seat. Turns out she didn't like looking out so much. But she did want to see out the clouds so I took some on her camera.

We are stayling at Playa Selva in a traditional cabana that is two stories. The living space, bathroom, and small bed are downstairs (where Joel is sleeping) and a nice big bedroom upstairs with a kind and single bed for myself, mom, and sis. And we have a porch and a balcony to enjoy view like above.

Yesterday and part of today have been stormy. Something was brewing out in the sea that they thought might turn into a hurricane. Happy to say it didn't. We did have some rain and high winds. The water was a bit more green. But now it's back to the Carribean blue (which makes mama a happy gal) and a great ocean breeze that is refreshing.

I woke at 6:30. It was too cloudy to see the sun rise. I did spend about an hour doing yoga and meditation. We made a delcious fruit salad with mango (oh myyyyy, so good), pear, apples, and banana. It was a sweet surprise to have all this tasty fruit at our cabana.

We took a long walk on the beach and got ready to go into town. The owners of Playa Selva were going into town so they offered to take us. Again, it's the small touches like this that make me love it here so much. We went to an Italian restaurant and had great pizza and orangeade. It was right next to Tulums only supermarket. We loaded up on goodies for the week and caught a taxi back.

Spend time on the beach, a little splashing in the water, then Ayurveda studies. I am skyping (first time) with my teacher tomorrow to see how I'm progessing. My sister sits next to me, my mom is reading in front of me on the balcony, and I hear Joel chattering Spanish downstairs as he in getting a private lesson. Life is good. :)

Hugs, kisses,and sun salutations from Mexico.....

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