Sunday, July 18, 2010

mexico love

Hola Yoga Amigas!

I haven't been quite as diligent as I thought I'd be here in Mexico about the blogging. Sometimes the intentions don't quite manifest,eh?

I still cant quite believe that I've been here nearly two weeks. That my fam was herre, that the retreat has come and gone, and that Andy is here....and getting a hot stone massage now as we speak.

The retreat went so super well. I know I say it each year....but it truly keeps getting better. I continue to be amazed at the beauty that unfolds when you bring open and like minded people together in a magnificent natural setting and explore yoga and self reflection.

The week with the group went super fast. Everyone seemed to love the food, the yoga, the people here, the beach, the treatments, and of course they loved our fave healer/shaman Fabian. In fact our whole entire group did the local sweat lodge, temazcal. We all set beautiful intentions, hung in there for all four rounds, and were rewarded with an outdoor shower where we were individually covered in a big fresh sheet and invited to lie down on the ground and gaze at the most beautiful sky filled with billions of stars.

As the retreatees were leaving Saturday Andy arrived. I was so happy to finally get to share this place that I love so much. He is pretty amazed by the beauty here. The wonderful people too.

We've been spending lots of time on the beach, eating at different places, getting massage, and I'm doing yoga daily here at Maya Tulum. Today we went into town for lunch and shopping. I bought the cutest white skirt that was made in Cancun.

Tomorrow we plan to go to Xel Ha, the open sea aquarium with tons of nature lovin activities. We hear it's the natural equivalent of Disney World. I'm sure it will be fun and while I know that I should be ready to see lots o' people, still not sure I'm quite ready. I put shoes on today for the first time in nine days. Sandals, but they were shoes nonetheless.

I just spoke with Teresa and she lovingly assured me that all is well at the studio. Makes me feel very happy. I cant help but feel super duper lucky being here in Mexico for three weeks and having teachers that I know are taking good care of everybody. Blessed. I. Am.

And still feeling over the moon that my mom was here. And I got to hang out with the fam here in the tropics. Read. And laugh. Revel in the joy of it all.

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