Tuesday, July 27, 2010

the sucky and the sweet of being in mexico for three weeks

Hola friends! As I write this Andy and I are sitting in the hotel lobby in Cancun. We've checked out of our room and we're waiting to get to the airport for our flight home today. I thought this would be a good time to write about the good and bad of my trip as I don't want to be that annoying person that only reveals the rainbows without honoring the rain too:

**Losing my purse in Tulum. After putting a hold on my credit cards, catching a taxi back into town, and visiting the stores we had been in the previous night my purse was no where to be found. I made peace with it being gone and the coffee and cake with Rhonda certainly helped. I was ecstatic when Rhonda found it in her luggage when we got back. But boy, what a terrible feeling?

**My mama making the statement that she'd rather go to South Carolina to visit the beach than Tulum. What??? Oh hell, did she really say that?! Yep she did. I had to understand that this wasn't exactly an easy trip for her.

**A harmless comment that a retreatee made that brought some old insecurities directly to the surface.

**Andy and I adapting together in paradise. For me in Tulum I walk slowly and bow often. Everything feels like God to me here. Andy runs into the waves tackling and bows to margaritas.

**Having a freak out moment during teaching a class. It had been a while since I have experienced that. Quite humbling....after the fact.

**Losing my key to my room and safety box.....permanently. They had to cut open the safety box and replace it. I see a theme with losing things on this trip.

**Missing my best friend. And she's getting married in August. So I was away during a pretty crucial time.

**Leaving the sweetness of Tulum for the chaos of Cancun. Andy and I have certainly realized that the all inclusive Cancun thing is, well, not our thing. Now we know. We'll never leave Tulum early again. Ever.

**The suckiest, most terrible thing ever...hearing of a student passing away just yesterday. I hoped. And I prayed for her when I heard she was in the hospital. I got an email that she had passed. I cried. And I prayed for her family. This news broke my heart.

**Sleeping in the same room as my mom and sis. It's been a long time.

**Making breakfast with Joel....fruit salad, grilled tortillas with avocado and tomato, and coffee made in french press pot. So simple. So good.

**Seeing two students from the studio at Maya Tulum with their eyes sparkling and hearing "This place is magical. I can see why it's hard to describe this place." yes hard to describe, but easy to love.

**My sister meeting and having a treatment with Fabian. Now she knows of his special-ness and healing ways.

**A long dark walk up the beach with Rhonda underneath a blanker of stars.

**Teaching and learning from a pretty amazing group of yogis at Maya Tulum. YES to this group, this place, and this thing called Yoga.

**Seeing two (yes two!) turtles make their pilgrimage to the beach, dig a hole in the sand, lay tons o' eggs, cover the hole, and return to the sea. Holy moly, that was special.

**Our whole yoga group (14 total) doing temazcal (sweat lodge) together.

**Witnessing strangers form deep deep everlasting friendships.

**Doing yoga in the sea with Sarah.

**Granola. And more granola.

**Getting treatments. Sweet sweet healing treatments. And walking the sandy treatment path, smelling copal, and knowing that someone was getting a delicious and healing treatment.

**Singing and dancing with retreatees. And running into the sea. Tackling the waves. Ala Andy.

**Showing and experiecing Tulum with Andy. My home away from home. He now sees what all the fuss is about.

**Snorkleing with Andy at Xel Ha, natures own aquarium. Walking the labrynth together. Exploring the town, eating with the locals at Don Cafetos. Eating ice cream. Doing yoga.

**My solo hour long walk on the beach after breakfast. Just me, the sea and Michael Franti singing about seeing you in the light.

**No blow drying or make-upping for 21 days.

**Discovering skype.

**Being barefoot and fancy free for ten straight days.

**Knowing that when I get home it's time to buy another ticket back to Mexico for our yoga teacher training here. :)

I'll be getting in Cincy around 6:30 tonight and back to the studio tomorrow teaching. This is certainly a sweet part of returning home. I've missed you. And can't wait to see you.....

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