Tuesday, July 27, 2010

adios mexico, hola kentucky

Andy and I had such an easy and enjoyable trip home today. I even got a bunch of work finished on the flight. Created the packing list for teacher training in Mexico as well as five pages of notes for a packet of info I'm creating for the participants. It will include ways to prepare for the training physically, energetically, mentally and emotionally. I really love this stuff so I'm super excited about pulling it all together.

We've only been home just over an hour. We've unpacked our bags, put some laundry on, gone through the mail, and purged some unidentifiable things from the fridge.

I've cozied myself into my bed that I love so much. Burning copal incense, listening to relaxing tunes, and gave myself a little foot massage with tridoshic oil to prepare for the winding down and settling in. It's all part of the effort of easing back into life, into my routines here at home.

It still seems crazy to me that you can be in one country in the morning and hop a flight and land in your own bed later in the evening. We live in a pretty amazing world don't we? Kentucky and the Big Blue House are looking particularly beautiful to me. Funk in the fridge and all. I sometimes take all of "this" for granted.

I'm also feeling drawn to getting back to regular posts on the blog. Feeling like I've neglected her for a while. Hoping that will change as I make a true effort to exercise my writing chops. ;) I have lots of discoveries I want to share. Like my very own way of defining contentment and the nasty little mind gremlins I encountered about giving myself three weeks in Mexico.

Buesos noches amigas. I've got a new Kriapu catalog calling my name. I'll see you soon....

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