Sunday, August 29, 2010

on joyful work

A Hard Decree
on the Tavern wall
A hard decree for all of love's inmates
Which read:
If your heart cannot find a joyful work
The jaws of this world
Will probably
Grab hold of your

This morning I woke and went to my yoga room to spend some time practicing yoga, getting quiet, and preparing for important calls for today. I took with me a book of poetry of Hafiz.

I sat down and opened up the book (it has 333 pages)and landed on this poem. It was the first time I ran across it. It speaks of joyful work, so of course I immediately loved it.

At noon I'll be gathering on the phone with yoga students across the US, in Cananda, Chile and Peru. These ten students will be joining me in Tulum for a 200 hour yoga teacher training. Needless to say, I'm so very excited and a bit nervous about meeting them on the phone for the first time today.

Our day will unfold as follows:
12:00-1:30 Call led by me and includes intros, travel details, general schedule, rooms, and preparing physically, energetically, mentally, and emotionally for our training. A yoga teacher training requires loads of inner and outer work. A lot assume it's mostly outer work, but boy....are they wrong.

2:00 - 4:00 Introduction to Sanskrit, led by Teresa. This will be a good start so that they can begin to familiarize themselves with Sanskrit before arriving in Tulum.

4:30 - 6:30 Meditation led by Lisa. When we arrive in Tulum we will begin with a daily 30 minute meditation. Lisa will give them all the juicy details about how wonderful a meditation practice can be, explain mantra meditation, and give the students a mantra that will be used throughout the training.

If you're reading this perhaps you could send a loving thought to me, the teachers, and the students embarking on sweet journey. It's much appreciated.

Have a wonder-full day my friends.

PS - Curious to know, what's the most joyful part of your work?

**Photo of me teaching and students practicing in Tulum from this year's retreat....certainly some of my most joyful work.**


Anonymous said...

The most joyful part of my work is knowing that I am working for the "greater good" and not just for stockholders to get richer.

Crystal said...

Capturing and preserving far one of the best things. (in my opinion ☺)