Friday, August 13, 2010

my best friends wedding

I really enjoyed that movie. AND my best friend is getting married this weekend. This weekend! As in tomorrow!

The blog has been a wee bit neglected this week. We've been in full out wedding mode here at the Big Blue House. For my friends gift I took her out 15 days before her wedding day to celebrate our 15th year of friendship. Andy and I have been gifting one gift per day. It's been sooo much fun! Complete list to come. We're also hosting the rehearsal dinner so we've been at it all week. Andy even made his yummy vegetarian burgoo and I'm decorating the house with daisies,candles, and photos of the two lovebirds. :)

AND Eat Pray Love comes out tonight. Cant wait. I'll be spending the night with the BFF at her house. The groom will be spending the night here at the Big Blue Abode. If we get wedding duties under control Liz and I might hit the late showing. With Goobers (her have) and Reeses Pieces (my fave) in hand. Watching a movie with a happily ever after seems fitting for her happily ever after.

Wishing you a happy happy weekend. May it be a delight-full one. :)

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