Saturday, August 28, 2010

on blowing off my yoga practice and goodbyes

I re-learned Friday that I love to TAKE yoga at the studio. I've always said on here that doing my yoga practice at the studio is not that easy for me. There are plenty of distractions of both the internal and external variety. On Thursday I was doing my practice and most of the interruptions were of the external kind. Within a span of 45 minutes my phone rang three times and two people came into the studio. This was more than usual.

It was enough to make my blow off my practice and walk to Starbucks for an iced latte. Ahhh, decisions decisions. I was a lil' cranky. I called Andy on my way over to Starbucks, filled him in on my less than satisfying practice, and as I walked past Sunshine Grow Shop, I continue the whining part..."And the mums are here. And that means summer is almost over (insert sad whiny faced Sharon). I get the iced goodness and walk back to the studio and sit in the swing for about 20 minutes, which totally uncranked myself, thus leaving me ready and rearing to welcome the yogis to class.

So yes I'm happy when people call me on the phone. And I'm happy when people come in to learn more about our classes, not so happy when I'm doing a private session such as yesterday when someone comes in carrying a bag of Jimmy John sammies and says, "Excuse me, can I bother you for a minute..." And which I respond, "No thank you, we're not interested" as said student is trying to learn how to do chaturanga. Clearly this Jimmy John's gal doesn't do yoga or she would have known better to ask such a question, during such a pose.

Why I need to TAKE more yoga at the studio

I got the good fortune of taking Lisa's noon class yesterday which was soooo very good! Loved it. We have such gifted yoga teachers at the studio. Lisa always teaches "chanting asana" in this class during sun salutations. For each of the postures there is a chant (that's been chanted for thousands of years) that corresponds. With my new found love of chanting/singing/kirtan/yoga yelling it made me very happy. As did the yin yoga poses. Lisa has a very elegeant and accessible way of teaching. I so enjoyed being a student. I so enjoyed being a student at the studio.

One might ask, well then why not take more yoga at the studio. Pretty simple, eh? Well not so much. Being that I live in Nicholasville, the studio isn't just a hop, skip, or jump away. I drive a lot. Mondays are my "I refuse to drive anywhere day and you can't make me" day. Or else I'd come to Teresa's class and experience here loveliness. I'm at the studio Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. The only classes I could take are the latest classes. I taught late for two years, not getting home till after 9:00 on weekdays. I've made the decision that coming home and seeing Andy is more important than spending more time at the studio. And I'm very happy with this decision.

I see at least two solutions:
1. Add a daytime class that I can take.
2. Give one of the classes I teach during the day to another teacher so I can be the student.

Hmmmm more pondering needed for this one. But leaning towards option 2.

On other teaching note Emily is teaching her last class at the studio. :( But it's hard to be sad about our loss when it's such an exciting time for her! She and Adam are expecting their very first baby boy this December. And she'll be leaving to spend time in Alaska with Adam in less than two weeks. If you've ever taken Emily's class then you know what a true joy she is. She's free and fun and flowy, gliding around the studio offering support to her students. She was in my very first training group and was one of the first teachers at Barefoot Works. You will be missed Emily by all of us.

Beth too will be departing as a teacher, but you'll likely see her practicing on the mat next to you. Luckily for all of us she's not going to Alaska. :)

I'll keep you posted as we navigate the changes and continue to bring you great teachers to inspire you you on and off the mat. As always I value your feedback so if you have suggestions or requests then send me an email!

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