Sunday, August 22, 2010

could we all be genius?

A couple days ago I wrote about how I'm exploring the words that describe me when I'm at my very best. When I'm on my A game. In June I had a session with Grace about exploring a concept she touched on when she was here for yoga teacher training in early June....your unique genius. She expressed that each of us possess qualities that make us genius. And if we can operate/dwell/live from this place more often (dare I say daily) then we'd all be doing ourselves and the world justice. It's a concept she learned from her teacher Gay Hendricks. Before I traveled to Mexico I bought the book that delves into this...The Big Leap. And highly recommend if you're into this idea....of your genius. :)

Grace explained to me that sometimes our unique genius comes so easily to us that we often overlook it. She suggested (among other inquiry work)that I send an email out to friends/family/students and ask for their input. Which I did. Which wasn't easy. Something about asking other people to reveal my strengths, my gifts, that wasn't easy for me.

But this is something I was (and am) committed to...identifying, operating, and living from a place of joy. So I compiled the email, asked the following questions, and nervously hit the send button. Here are the questions:

1. What am I doing or talking about when you experience me most energized and happy?
2. When you experience me at my best, the exact thing I am doing is....
3. What do you see as a special skill I am gifted with?
4. How have I most contributed to your life (this was the hardest one for me to ask)?

Minutes later I started getting answers back. I couldn't believe my eyes. I couldn't believe how kind, how giving people were of their words. It totally broke open my heart, in a way I could have never expected.

This week I compiled all the answers emailed back to me. I have over five pages (and these will be creatively placed in my yoga room and read when I'm doubting myself). I've reviewed them, underlined, and re-wrote the words that came up again and again. In random order, here they are:

Mexico (surprise, right?)

And the qualities noted most:

So that's where I am right now. Will be my wordsmith self and probe deeper into them this week. And I'm having another session with Grace this week, so that will be great as always (soooo highly recommend her).

In the meantime, may be all be open to pondering, embracing, and owning our genius. It's not so easy, but I see the beauty in it.

To you and your genius Self.....have a sweet day. :)

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