Friday, August 20, 2010

he dreams of tv's, she dreams of nyc

Happpppy Friday!

I have a few things swirling in my mind that I want to write about. So rather than making an eight mile long blog post, I figure I'll spew em' out and hopefully come back to some them. Here goes:

1. Mantra meditation tonight at 7:00!! It's a great way to spend your evening (and a free one at that!). We get few of these opps so puhhhlease come out and support. We'll sit, meditate, sing, and enjoy general merriment.

2. I love our studio space! And know what I love equally? When other people love our studio space! I literally just got off the phone with a guy bringing his 11 year old daughter to the studio. I'm workin' from Main and Maple (yay happy Friday). He's trying to find the studio. I explain to him the way I do to everyone, "We're in the two story FUNky wood building in front of Lowe's and behind Sunshine Grow Shop." He sees it and he says, "Ahhh I see it. And wow I already love it!' Which of course makes me happy and excited. I tell him he aint seen nothing yet, just wait till you step inside. He can't wait. I ask if he's gonna take class. He's not sure, maybe after seeing the building, maybe yes. I say, "When you walk in you're not gonna want to leave." He's happy. I'm happy. General happiness. I love all of it.

3. A fall cleanse. Yep it's coming up. I had a whole session with my ayurveda teacher yesterday about a seven day kapha reducing cleanse for me. Will be looking at the planner to find a good time and typing of the recipes and planning it all. However after leaving the studio I promptly had baked spaghetti and a piece of derby pie. Ooops, hoping she doesn't read the blog. Shhhhhh.

4. The wordsmith. That's what the new groom has labeled for Andy and myself. Andy was given the title after we presented he and Liz with a poem for their wedding, penned by Andy. I was awarded the title after my toast when the best man says, "Wow, she smoked me." And Tony responds, "Cause she's a wordsmith." I am a lover the word. And now I'm working with the words that explain me when I'm at my best, most energized Self. Which is realllly fun for me! Being a wordsmith and all.

5. Dreams. Andy had a dream a couple Saturdays about getting a flat screen tv. We go and buy one. See dreams do come true. He's been wanting one forever and all big purchases have been on a hiatus. But we've been very good and with his birthday and all we went for it. I had a dream last night about Michael Franti in concert and going to NYC. Wondering what that might mean for me? Hmmmmm....

Alright, hope to see y'all soon! Come out the studio...cause it's a reallllly special place you know. ;)

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