Monday, August 16, 2010

shhhh, it's a secret....16 things you probably don't know about me

I feel like I'm pretty open on my blog and share quite a bit of personal information. After three people referenced to me in emails today how happy they were that I blogged about my BFF's wedding I said to her, "I think people are just as interested (or more) in the personal posts than the yoga posts. Truth is, they are are intermingled and I find that we are all looking for people that we can relate to. We like it when people are open and honest. We like it when people reveal their light and their darkside.

I've been honest in saying what I will and will not share here on this blog. I share **my stuff**, not my families or friends **stuff**. I only share bits of mine and Andy's **stuff** if I talk with him beforehand. So here is a new list of things I've never said, but maybe you knew list:

1. I love to teach and present to certain people. These certain people are people that are already at least interested in yoga. I don't like convincing people of the power of yoga. I can do it if I have to, but I prefer not. This is one the many reasons I love leading yoga teacher training.

2. I prefer not to be the center of attention. In all areas, except again....anything that has to do with yoga. I gave a toast for Liz and Tony on Saturday. People thought it was really great, but I of course felt like I didn't express myself like I wanted. I also don't love to throw parties. Especially if it means I'm gonna be the center of attention. Sarah has however asked me to do a reading for her upcoming wedding. This will be another time that I'm ok to be the center of attention (so puuhhlease don't un-ask me Sarah ;).

3. It annoys me when people ask, "What do you do?" and I respond "teach yoga" and they ask "oh, that sounds like fun. what else do you do?" I either need to come up with a new answer. Or avoid putting myself in the situation where this is the first thing that people ask upon meeting me. Ask me what excites me about life and I'll love you immediately.

4. It annoys me when people ask, "So when are you having a baby?" Maybe tomorrow. Maybe nine months. Maybe never. If it's something I want to share, I will. If you are in my life in an intimate way you probably know how profound and complex this question is for me. If you aren't in my life in an intimate way you probably don't need to ask the question.

5. I had a job in college at Frisch's that I didn't show up for on the first day. And I felt bad and didn't want to show my face and return the oh so unattractive uniform. BFF Liz came through and took it back for me. Ahh the days of being young and totally irresponsible. I would never recommend anyone do this now.

6. I love being near the water. I love looking at it. And playing in it. I now know that I must be near a large body of water several times a year, or else I will get really cranky, sad, emotional, or any other number of feelings/emotions that aren't positive. The first time I saw the ocean was during my sophomore year of high school. It was for a business education conference. It changed my whole perspective. Not the conference. Seeing the ocean.

7. I'm building my life in such a way that I feed the parts of me that must be fed...creativity, stability, adventure, spirituality. I need both stability (as in the studio) and adventure (as in working in Mexico) to feed all the parts of my y soul. Creativity and spirituality is woven into everything that I do.

8. I would rather be doing too much than not enough.

9. I have the absolute best in-laws one could hope for. In throwing this rehearsal dinner Andy's dad drove three hours with his truck loaded with tools and other yard maintenance thingys. He spent the night and worked like a dog helping us get ready for the party. He even carted off the equivalent of a tree in the back of his truck because garbage pick up here in Nicholasville pretty much sucks....all the way back to Owensboro. Truly a saint.

10. It annoys me (last one I promise) when people hear of my travels to Mexico and ask, "Do you feel safe there?" Are you kidding? I grew up in the head of a holler in Appalachia. I have seen much more bizarre, odd, crazy, and scary things there than in Mexico. Not to mention the craziness that happens here in the States that we all turn a blind eye to.

11. I don't like cold weather. I love Spring. I love Summer. I love Fall till the leave fall, then I brace myself for cold. And winter, the hardest season of all. Uhhhh.

12. I've now been self employed for longer than I worked for the man.

13. I can hardly type "the man" without laughing at myself.

14. I most prefer my yoga practice in my teeny tiny yoga room.

15. I'm not naturally flexible. While I could probably work my way into those pretty, bendy, twisty, pretzel like poses if I devoted hours of practice each day....I prefer to study and apply the philosophy and psychology of yoga. And plan. And dream. And scheme of course.

16. I love to keep my mornings walk, to jog, to do yoga, to meditate, to work from the coffee shop, to play, to eat fruit, or whatever I choose. It's a perk for not working for **the man**. ;)


Mia said...

I love #6... and #7 and #15 SO inspire me! Thanks, Sharon :)

Anonymous said...

you're the cutest. :) nancy d.