Sunday, August 15, 2010

wedding day musings

After a ridiculously fun, memorable, exciting, and exhausting weekend my BFF is now a Mrs. Andy and I hosted about 40 of the bride and groom's family and close friends at our house. The Big Blue House held up exceptionally well. She did not burst at the seams. She held her own. Provided a place to to play cornhole for the adults, steps (with a landing) for kids to play on ( love landings, all sorts of fun can happen here), a kitchen and dining room for drinking wine, eating vegetarian burgoo (and other meatie stuff I didn't partake in), and Derby Pie. The house was sprinkled with orange and brown balloons, candles, flowers, and photos of the bridge and groom, myself, and Andy.

The day of the wedding Liz and I woke at 7:00 and immediately got to making bouquets, arranging flowers, and pulling petals from orange and white roses. Liz took a flower arranging class in college. She is officially a pro now. She did the flowers for my wedding, her sisters wedding, and now her own. We had our nails painted, lunch, and our hair done. Everything was smooth as silk.
We arrived at Chrissman Mill Winery, got ready, had some pics taken, and those of us that love the bride and groom crossed fingers, toes, and legs hoping that the rain would stay away. It was an outdoor wedding and reception. As we lined up to walk down a long path of steps, across the gravel, over the bridge to the gazebo....I saw lightning in the distance. I prayed. Yep, please hold off....even if just a short while. Give us 30 minutes. Puhhhhlease. I didn't know it but Andy was on Twitter sitting in his chair at the exact same time keeping updated on the weather. He read, "Severe weather storm alert. Surrounding areas of Lexington need to take cover. Now." I'm glad I didn't know that part.

The rained held off. The ceremony was really beautiful and touching. And rain free. Bride and groom were ready for this and it was really evident. We all celebrated the union, the kiss, and the declaration and husband and wifery with claps. And a bit o' cheers.

The rain came about 10 minutes after the ceremony was over. It rained buckets. And I must say here how so super impressed and proud of Liz I was. She never once frowned. She didn't say one single thing in a negative light. Not once. It's a testament to her. And the reasons for her marriage. It wasn't all about the details that she has literally poured her hands, heart and soul into for months. It wasn't about making everyone happy. It wasn't about perfection. It was about her and Tony. It was about them beginning the rest of their lives on a high note (rain or shine). It was about what she has waited for, not a union that is perfect or without flaws, but a union that it so very perfectly imperfect for her. These two are meant for one another.

Cheers to happily ever afters. We all deserve them.

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