Sunday, August 08, 2010

retreat & return

Students and friends have been asking me about my re-entry from Mexico. Actually I think this was the easiest year yet for re-entry into "real life, real world" stuff. Maybe so for a few reasons:

1. I was there for three weeks. My longest visit yet. And while I would have been happy to stay longer, I was happy to come home. When Andy and I were driving home from Cincy from the airport, after gazing out the window and observing the scenery I said, "Ky is beautiful too. Different than Tulum, but so beautiful in a much different way." I quickly connected to how much I love KY. I haven't always felt this so soon in coming back.

2. I got to come home with Andy. And that made me happy, making that transition with him. It seems interesting cause one would think that being there without him would make re-entry easy. Not the case. Andy has always had a hard time understanding why it's such a challenge to me in coming home. The noise, the tv, the food, the driving, the traffic, the talking ;) the past it's always been a little overwhelming for me. After being at Maya Tulum for a week and getting into this natural rhythm, enjoying no tv, no phone, and little interaction with people, Andy finally got it. It was even a challenge for him getting to that bus stop in Tulum, taking the ride with "all those people", AND THEN subjecting ourselves to all those people in Cancun. Uh oh. Tough. Tough. Tough. Now he gets it.

3. When our sweet student suddenly passed away I felt a deep longing to get back home. And particularly to the studio. It just felt like the place that I needed to be. And the place that I wanted to be. I missed the BW's teachers. I missed the BW's students. I missed walking into our beautiful studio. I missed the teaching. That being said, it took me a few days to get back into my teaching game. I felt really raw and emotional with the passing of L. But there is nothing like teaching at the studio when I've been away. It really feels like coming home. Cliche as that is.

4. The BW's teachers totally rocked while I was away. They made it so easy so step back into the studio and teaching. I was pretty amazed at how well organized everything was. Student accounts were good, plants were alive, the studio was clean, students were happy. Wow...pinch myself cause I'm pretty damn lucky to have such committed yoga teachers. Thanks to all of you.

5. My BFF is getting married. This coming Saturday! And we're hosting the rehearsal dinner at the Big Blue House on Friday! There was so much happening while I was away that I missed out on. I was excited to come back and be a part in the pre wedding festivities. Andy and I have waited a long time for her to meet Mr. Right (not that she hasn't, right ;) and we can't wait to have a big ol' partay and celebrate the nuptials. I'm giving a toast....and wondering if I'll get it out minus tears?

6. I'm going back to Mexico in October! It was totally easier for re-entry just knowing that I'll be back in Mexico. Usually when I leave there is a feeling of "Oh, I wonder when I'll be back....pfftt, pffft." And I get sad. Not this year! Cause I'll be going back to lead our first ever (and already sold out) 200 hour yoga teacher training in....drum rolllll....Tulum, Mexico! Sorry I couldn't resist.

Alrighty yoga and blog friends....
have a super sweet week!

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Googlover said...

Hey, I haven't been to bfw in a while. Just popping by to see what ya'll are up to. Mexico! that seems ridiculously fun.