Wednesday, September 01, 2010

a love letter to my business... barefoot works

Dearest Barefoot Works,

In September of 2004 I gave birth to you. It was official and the state said so. At this time you were not a physical space. You were a way that I could begin to fulfill a dream. A dream of having a job that I truly, truly loved. A way that I could support people and help them connect mind, body, and spirit. Even without a space, you were real to me. You were my baby business and together we were going to change lives.

I researched every possible place that I could teach yoga. I drove near and far. As far away as Whitesburg where I taught two private sessions and a group class once a week. As close as the gym down the street from the house I rented. We taught in a gymnastics facility (those bouncy floors were fun), a clubhouse, gyms, schools in Frankfort and Nicholasville, and corporate settings downtown. We were never picky. We left no stone unturned. We turned no opportunities down.

I think back to this time with such fondness. The drive that we had is even surprising to me now. Together we kept going and going. We showed up for classes with no students, one student, or ten students all the same, with knowingness that what we were had to share had the potential to change a life, even if only for a moment, even if only for a breath.

We were on a mission. It all felt so right and I knew that it would all somehow work out. But we couldn’t continue on this way forever, with the mats, books, cd’s, and stereo in the backseat of the car. Together we decided to take another leap of faith. Your physical presence made its way into the world in September 06.

The very first class I taught at Patchen Village, two people showed up….my BFF Liz and Teresa (yes the same wonderful Teresa that teaches at the studio). Again it didn’t matter. On that day it felt like 100 students were celebrating you.

In January 2009 we moved across the street into a space that makes me melt every time I walk through the doors. It fits you. It’s filled with light and love too. It’s spacious and supportive enough to hold all that enters. It’s special. Really, really special. Yes, I would say it’s quite magical indeed.

Because of you the world is brighter and sweeter too. Last week I received an email from a student that only had three private sessions with us. He said that if he had paid ten times as much for the lessons it would have been worth it. Can you believe that? And he sent a picture of himself rockin’ crow pose. Crazy cool, huh?

Another student said that you will hold a sacred space in her memory forever. That you were a haven for her during the most difficult time in her life.

Another student said her life shifted fundamentally, to the core, from the first day she opened your door.

What is all this worth? Can you even put a price on it? Because of you we’ve helped a lot of people. You’ve provided a place for people to receive love. And patience. Strength and balance too. People feel welcome and accepted. They feel like who they are is enough, more than enough.

You’ve provided a place for healing of hamstrings, hips, and hearts. Tears have been shed on your floor and the sound of joy has echoed through your walls. You’ve been stood on, walked on, danced on, flipped upside down, and twisted around on. If your walks could talk, I’d sit all day and listen. Yes, you are so very important to me.

Because of you I get to fully explore my purpose.

Because of you I get to spend my time with students that inspire me to continue on the path of living, learning, and sharing.

Because of you I get to travel to Tulum, my favorite place of all and do what I love most of all…share yoga.

Because of you I know that dreams come true.


Jeanne said...

Ah Sharon, what beautiful words. And you know, I know, and every person who walks through those doors knows that all the beauty and love that lives in BW was first instilled there by you.

Thank you, sweet and wonderful Sharon.

Dr. Leigh Ann Simmons said...

Brava, sweet friend. Wonderfully said. So proud of you and so fortunate to call you friend. Best wishes for many more years of yoga, life, and love at BW. xoxo

K. Crane: Big Fat Art Cloth said...

:) This is nice to read Sharon. Thanks for sharing your good vibe.

Mia said...

Sharon, this is beautiful and touching! How I wish I were closer to and BW have certainly touched my life, through our teacher training and even from a distance through your blog!

Congratulations on FOUR YEARS!