Thursday, September 09, 2010

the art of balance and a computer cleanse

Hola Amigas!

I hope you've had an awesome week. I've been taking a little computer cleanse this week. When I took stock of just how much time I was spending online I felt pretty shocked. I saw the signs.....
I wasn't just reading the several blogs I check in with daily.
Wasn't just checking email a few times.
Wasn't just visiting facebook a couple times a day.

Nooooo it was much more. On Saturday evening, what started with me doing some "research" online (isn't that what we all call it) ended several hours later with me feeling dizzy, dull, and in a general stuper. Foggy is putting it lightly.

If you have read or hear about the gunas (both yoga and ayurveda lingo), I was certainly in a tamasic state. The three gunas exist pretty much everywhere, being a part of primal nature. According to Ayurveda we're all made of the same elements that exist in, air, fire, water, and wind. What makes us different is how much we have of each. That's also how we identify our dosha. Haven't taken your dosha quiz yet? C'mon...go here (not now, after you finish reading).

Anyway, back to the gunas. There are three:
1. Rajas (realllly active qualities)
2. Tamas (realllly inactive qualities)
3. Sattva (ahhh perfect balance)

Sorta like Goldilocks sampling the soup. One was too hot (rajas) one was too cold (tamas) and one was just right (sattva).

My computer overload time left me feeling pretty darn dull (tamas). And I realized that I was getting in a pretty bad habit with just how much time was being spent on the computer. Truth is, that's not what I want to spend my mind time. Here and there it's fun. Sleeping with your laptop. Not so much.

To move back to a place of balance (sattva) I knew I had to limit myself. On Sunday absolutely no computer time. Monday just a few minutes on facebook (I wanted to see the pretty bride Sarah in pics). The rest of this week I've only been on the computer if it's a must for work. Guess what?! All the computer info and love in the world is still there! Ahhh life is good.

I started thinking more about the gunas this week when I read a passage in the Bhagavad Gita. Essentially it said that one's consciousness is elevated when one experiences inaction in action and action in inaction.

Which got me to thinking about the gunas. I think that ultimately we each live lives in which we are falling in and out of balance. Sometimes the arms are even flailing around. And again and again (as many times as needed) moving back in the direction of balance (which is of course all relative, right...balance for me is totally different for the next person).

So that's my reason for being absent from the blog. And ponderings of the past couple days. And I gotta be honest and ask.....

Do you find this interesting? Surely I'm not the only one so very intrigued by all of this. Or maybe I am. ;)

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Jen said...

I'm with you, Sharon -- I find it very interesting! If I'm not mindful of how much time I spend in front of my computer at home, I can waste hours ... and then feel completely wiped out and disconnected. I like what you said about realizing that it's just not how you want to spend your time ... that's what triggered me to cut back. I realized that life does go on even when I don't read every status update on Facebook.

I do love blogs and think there are many great discussions and connections that can happen online, but lately I've been thinking about all the wisdom and insight I might be missing from people all around me who aren't blogging, but rather waiting for an invitation to talk in person. I'm selfishly begging you not to stop blogging, though -- I love reading your posts!