Wednesday, September 29, 2010

5 reasons why today was pretty perfect

1. Easy travels! Today most things were in my favor which was pretty awesome. A stunning drive from Lexington to Louisville airport. Sunny and I saw my first real hint of fall passing over the river and seeing the turning of leaves. Had a healthy breakfast at the airport, flight on time, good work done on the flight (planned two series/themes of blog posts), navigated Philly airport easily, got my rental car, drive about 45 minutes north to my destination....without getting lost! YES. Navigating cities for a gal from the holler is tough. The only "thing" was I sorta went through the easy pass thing without getting a ticket, which meant I had to hold up traffic and pay a bit more at a later point. Ooops.

2. Sweet peeps. I've met the nicest people so far. The guy that picked me up to shuttle me over to the rental car place thought I'd be upset for having to wait a few extra minutes longer. I was just happy to be there. He says to me, "Sweet gal from the Bluegrass State. Are you married?" I respond, 'Yep" and he asks how long..."Nearly ten years." He says, "And you're this relaxed?!" Must be the yoga. :)

Super friendly gal at the hotel who went above and beyond the call of duty when I inquired about a good vegetarian restaurant to eat at. Colleen is my new best friend cause the place she sent me to was heaven. And where I met the next super delightful person at Blue Sage. A veggies gal's dream come true.

3. Blue Sage. If I weren't married to Andy I'd want to marry this place. The black bean soup, the salad, even the tea tasted better here! I'm gonna try my best to make it back!

4. Surprises! When I checked into the hotel I was surprised to hear that I had a jacuzzi room. My room is pretty fab. Big and spacious with king bed, sitting area, kitchen area, AND a jacuzzi. All of it was a bonus as I didn't know.

Also the restaurant I was going to didn't open till 4:30. I arrived at 4:00 starving cause I hadn't had lunch. I decided it was worth the wait. I drove down the street to see what I could find. After driving for a few minutes I didn't see anything appealing. I pull onto a street to turn around when I see "Bunn's Natural Foods". Yay, the perfect place to get a few snacks (dried cherries and a couple Lara Bars) and goodies for me. I got two packages of aromatherapy bath powders and foot lotion.

5. And lastly I LOVE that there is a bookstore close by. Even more so I love that every single time I go into a bookstore the very first place I go to are the yoga books. I love that I still love yoga this much. Sorry, that's a lot of loves. And of course, I bought a book. It was one I've been wanting. How can a gal resist?

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